‘Bahrain is Burning’: nurses union calls for support

In the month of March / in the year of the uprising / earth told us her blood secrets / In the month of March five girls at the door /of the primary school /Came past the violet / came past the rifle  / burst into flame / With the roses and thyme /they opened /the song of the soil / and entered the earth  / the ultimate embrace / March comes to the land / out of earth’s depth /out of the girls’ dance /The violets leaned over a little / so that the girls’ voices /could cross over / the birds /pointed their beaks /at that song and at my heart.” — The Poem of the Land by Mahmoud Darwish

Please find below an interview with the President of the Bahrain Nursing Society, Rula al Saffar about the crisis in Bahrain. The interview is by Antonia Allman:

In the interview Rula al Saffar tells Antonia Allman that democratic rights of Bahraini  citizens has been taken away by the dictatorship backed by the American and Saudi military. Nurses, medics and doctors have been arrested, detained, tortured and sacked from the hospitals for helping the protestors. All actions by the opposition in Bahrain have been peaceful. The response has been brutal and swift. Security forces trained by American and UK contractors had fired shotgun rounds, tear gas canisters and rubber bullets at protestors holding flowers in the street.

People refused medical care at militarised hospitals in Manama have died.

This is the first report [see part 4 of the interview below] to reveal that 110 freshly trained nurses in Bahrain are waiting to take up their posts in the hospitals of Manama but the regime refuses to accept them because their union has a position of helping care for the injured and tortured. The regime is requiring specialist medical care [in places like intensive care units] be given by nurses aids contracted from other countries.

Some people have managed to flee and seek asylum in Australia. They have told their story to the Paradigm Shift on 4ZZZ (fm 102.1 at noon on Fridays).

Rula says that these Bahrainis are refugees of war – a war fought by one side, the regime, against its people, regardless of the Geneva convention and calculated to deprive their people of the freedom.

For follow up please contact Antonia Allman

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  1. الشعب البحريني الثائر ينادي العالم لأستغاثته من دخول الجيش السعودي لقمع الأنتفاضة
    iraqibeacon | March 15, 2011 at 10:37 pm | Categories: الصفحة الرئيسية, بيانات | URL: http://wp.me/phk5G-2ed

    الشعلة: قدم ممثلوا الشعب البحريني وأحزابه نداءاُ موجهاً الى الأمين العام للأمم المتحدة يطالبون فيها بحمايتهم من دخول الجيش السعودي الى البحرين لقمع الأنتفاضة الجماهيرية السلمية فيها. ودعى النداء الأسرة الدولية الى تحمل المسؤولية فيما يحدث وتأمين حماية المواطنين البحرانيين. ووقع على هذا النداء ثمانية قوى تمثل مجموع القوى العاملة على أرض البحرين.

    Rebel Bahraini people call the world to Ostagatth to prevent the Saudi army suppressing the uprising

    Iraqi Beacon introduced representatives of the Bahraini people and parties to appeal direct to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, demanding the army to protect them from Saudi Arabia army entering Bahrain to suppress the uprising mass peaceful there.

    The appeal called on the international community to take responsibility in what is happening and to protect the citizens of Searanyen. And signed the eight forces of this appeal is the sum of the labor force on the territory of Bahrain. The following is the text of …http://wp.me/phk5G-2ed

  2. Ray Bergmann says:

    BFM: Russia’s Bahrain Stance at UNSC Unprecedented Movement

    Bahrain Freedom Movement, 10th August 2012
    The Bahraini Freedom Movement issued a statement Friday in which it described the Russian demand in the Security Council as an “unprecedented development.”

    Russia has asked the UN Security Council to debate the case of Bahrain where a popular revolution has been taking place for the past 18 months. This reflects the new direction of Russian policies in the Middle East following two decades of downward opportunities following the fragmentation of the former Soviet Union. Earlier, the Chinese representative at UNSC had said that its double standards in dealing with the Arab Spring revolutions had damaged its impartiality,” the statement read.

    “The internationalization of the Bahraini revolution will be a blow to the Al-khalifa and Al-Saud policies as they attempt to destroy the Bahraini revolution with shear state terrorism. The American and British military and security support of the despotic rulers of Bahrain is causing unease on the international scene especially after the recent flare up of the Syrian situation,” it added.

    Turning to the Bahraini revolution, the Movement said that “among the recent deaths by chemical gases is a fetus in his mother’s womb. Atiyya Hassan Jassim Al Nakal of Sitra has confirmed that his wife had suffered a miscarriage following the inhalation by the mother of excessive amounts of chemical gases and tear gas. His family has been devastated. More than fifty citizens have lost their lives as a result of excessive use of chemical gases by the Al-khalifa and Al-Saud forces occupying the country.”

    “Another detained human rights activist is Zainab Al Khawja who was arrested last week for protesting at a roundabout. Amnesty International has called for her immediate release. It said: In the past nine months Zainab Al-Khawaja has been arrested and released several times. She has been put on trial several times for “illegal gathering” and “insulting officials”. She is still facing three more trials,” it stated.

    “Meanwhile the revolution has gained momentum in recent weeks following intensification by the regime of its barbaric attacks on civilian areas. About thirty demonstrations every day and night in almost all neighborhoods are taking place. The routine has become standard. The youth would gather at a place and would march followed by women procession. Few minutes later they would be attacked by overwhelming forces using chemical gases and tear gas canisters. A fracas would often ensue, and confrontations would continue for hours. While the troops would fire large amounts of lethal gases, shotguns and rubber bullets the youth would try to stop the attackers using petrol bottles to defend their own homes,” it noted.

    “It is now clear that no settlement is possible between the people and the ruling family and the only way out is for the Al-khalifa to go,” the statement concluded.

    Bahrain Freedom Movement
    10th August 2012

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