Petition to Save AHIMSA house

Ahimsa house

We call on people who support community organisation to help defend AHIMSA house at 26 Horan Street West End from unconscionable sale by Challenger Bank, now owned by National Australia bank by signing the petition below.

Following attendance at the auction of AHIMSA house which was passed in, two letters have been sent to the Premier with a simple request about a shocking embezzlement by ‘friends’ of the owner in cohort with the bank. The bank has decided to sell AHIMSA house to cash in on a loan that should never have been made. Who has run off with the loan monies?

Anna Bligh or one of her officers should intervene in the dispute caused by the this has been caused by the failure of Queensland Public Trustee (PT) to act to protect the interests of its client.

The PT’s client is the owner of AHIMSA house.

This inaction has lasted for over 3 years, far too long, in matters of this type where a timely response is needed.

Our request is simple — I wish to speak with the public trustee and his senior counsel to seek an injunction to prevent the sale of AHIMSA and for the property to be returned to its rightful owner.

The Premier’s office has received both my requests via emails dated 17 November & 23 November 2011.

The current response time to a query is 4-6 weeks.

The delay relates in part to freedom-of-information laws.

Everyone is accountable under these laws so everything is vetted by lawyers to make sure the Premier’s inaction does not place government at risk. The Premier has handed control and power to technocrats. The Public Trustee is one. In the days of Bjelke-Petersen this was less evident, he would intervene himself – but often the results are the same – inaction on matters that affect people’s daily lives.

For example, gone are the days when the Premier’s chief of staff would call you up personally. See also You Cannot Trust the Public Trustee

You can help by signing the petition below to the parliament.

To: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland

The petition of the undersigned citizens of Queensland draws to the attention of the House the need to act urgently to prevent the sale of the community centre, AHIMSA house, at 26 Horan Street West End.

Your petitioners therefore request the House to instruct the Public Trustee to protect the interests of his client, the owner of the community centre known as AHIMSA house forthwith and to provide every support and assistance to senior counsel to seek an injunction against the sale and to prosecute Challenger Bank for unconscionable behaviour in its dealings with an elderly man who had lost his wife, suffered a life threatening heart attack and who was not apprised of the risks of the loan transaction that enabled the bank to sell AHIMSA house.

To sign the petition please go to the comment box below and type your name, suburb or town and email address in the space provided as if you were making a comment. You may also make any comments you would like the parliament to hear about this matter (please keep comments as brief as possible). Please print out petition and get your neighbors, workmates and friends to sign.

The Premier knows about allegations concerning the unconscionable behavior by the bank, Challenger Managed Investments.

The petition will be presented to the Premier’s electoral office in early 2012.

More details later,
Thank you,
Friends of AHIMSA house

50 thoughts on “Petition to Save AHIMSA house

  1. Ian Curr, Camp Hill – I support this petition

  2. ElizaBarwick says:

    Save Ahimsa House!

  3. Clare Towler, West End – I support this petition.

  4. Trevor Parish says:

    Trevor Parish, Tasmania. I support this petition.

  5. Maggie Barszczyk says:

    Margaret Barszczyk – I support this petition

  6. Bernie Neville says:

    Anna is a Blight on the West-End landscape and its community.
    Bernie Neville

  7. The Public Trustee cannot be trusted to carry out it’s duty. It only broadcasts positive comments about itself while it is rotten on the inside. It makes dying very stressful when it need not be, this is because it cannot be trusted to deal with your estate after you die.

  8. Anna Keenan, Gordon Park – I support this petition.

  9. The State Labor government has done some positive things, such as moving North Stradbroke Island to Natinal park status; please also save Ahimsa House – this is and could be a wonderful community asset.

  10. Lachlan Hurse says:

    Lachlan Hurse, Yeronga. Ahimsa House was a critically important public space in an era where the private interests have swallowed up almost everything from the water we drink, to the land on which we walk. The Public Trustee has a special responsibility to protect the vision of Ellen Taylor, which was being realised by Ross Taylor through the community centre known as Ahimsa House.

  11. Daniel Shaw says:

    I support this petition

  12. Jim Hassam says:

    I support the presevation of Ahimsa House as a community centre
    an interdict should be placed on the current transaction relating to the premises Jim Hassam

  13. Martyn Brown says:

    Martyn Brown, Acacia Ridge – I support this petition.

  14. Cheryl Horner says:

    Cheryl Horner, Kangaroo Point – I support this petition

  15. Speak-out at West End markets says:

    There will be a speak out and stall at the West End markets each Saturday from 10 December 2011 to the QLd state elections.
    The markets are at Davies Park, Montague Rd South Brisbane (see map).
    [You will see us near the sign]
    AHIMSA sign
    The aim of the speak-put is to put pressure on the local member and premier, Anna Bligh, to ‘authorise’ and ‘provide resources’ for the Public Trustee to prevent Challenger Managed Investments (owned by the NAB) from selling community property in West End, namely AHIMSA house.

    Petitons will be available for signing at a ‘Save AHIMSA’ stall from 8am till midday.

    Speakers will commence at 9am and provide the local community with fresh news about the campaign to save AHIMSA.

    Negotiations with the organisers of the markets are underway and I will advise people as soon as I know the location of the stall.

    Ian Curr
    9 Dec 2011

  16. Justin George says:

    Justin G, Woolloongabba- I support the petition

  17. I support this petition

  18. Ken Keppel, Zillmere. I support this petition.

  19. simon erdal says:

    simon erdal, balmoral – i support this petition

  20. Bernie Neville says:

    Bernie Neville I support this petition

  21. Brian Lawson says:

    I wholeheartedly support this petition as close friends of Carl “Ross” Taylor and his dear late wife Ellen who worked their whole lives sometimes working up to 3 jobs at a time to make ends meet and to provide themselves with a safe retirement. Ellen worked until she was 79 years old, 4 years before her death from leukaemia and Ross worked up to 3 jobs at once as an unskilled gentle but simple man.

    On Ellen’s death the vultures in the guise of the Self Managemen Group led by a self confessed ratbag and anarchist who convinced Ross that by building a Community Centre in West End he would be building a monument in Ellen’s honour. Ellen dispised this person and would be horrified at the waste of their hard earned retirement fund.

    Ross’s legacy from Ellen was used to fund not just the complete opposite from what Ross was led to believe but to be channelled into the personal coffers of the so called “friend” and every hanger on who joined in the feast to fleece this poor gulible old man of every penny he and Ellen had worked hard for. This “friend” negotiated a $1.3 m loan with Challenger Managed Investments (owned by the NAB) to carry out the fitout of “Anarchy House” with questionable methods, given that the building could not previously service a loan of half that amount.
    Then comes in the Public Trustee who was appointed to investigate the debacle and to manage Ross’s affairs.

    Another disaster with the Trustee allowing the building to lose paying tenants over a 3 year period and also allowing a “tenant” who had not paid any rent in 4 years to operate and who had his offices fitted out at Ross’s expense, to a stage that there was no income to service the $1.3M loan.

    The Bank foreclosed and placed the building up for auction.

    All of this fraud has been perpetrated within the Premier Anna Bligh’s own electorate and multiple pleas for her to intervene have been ignored.

    Ross has been left a broken, sad, disillusioned man who trusted the wrong people and who now relies on the charity of friends to live.

    Investigations into the conduct of the questionable loan are ongoing with the financial Ombudsman so the sale of the building is neither legal until investigations are concluded but morally unconcionable

  22. tracey tully says:

    Tracey Tully, West End – I support this petition

  23. Annie Robertson says:

    Annie Robertson, raised by the West End family – I support this petition.

  24. Christine Grodd says:

    I support this petition.

  25. I support this petition.

  26. Samira, Fairfield says:

    I support this petition and I hope that Ahimsa House will become alive again.

  27. Ian Rintoul says:

    Ian Rintoul, Ipswich
    Monday, January 02, 2012 1:24 PM

  28. Gabrielle Henry says:

    I support this petition.

  29. Bernie Dowling Lawnton.
    It was a sad day when the WWF sold the Wharfies’ Club.
    I support this petition.

  30. Andy Bullock says:

    I called recently to Ahimsa house after a long absence and felt very sad to see the ‘For sale’ sign outside.

  31. I strongly support this petition.

  32. I support this petition

  33. Mark Sherry says:

    I strongly support this petition.

  34. P Callaghan says:

    Where is Brian Lavers signature in all this? Is Brisbanes most famous Anarchist somehow involved in this fracas? What happened to all the books that were donated to the Library? So many questions, so little answers.

  35. Gary Nunn Highgate Hill says:

    Can’t say I’m surprised

  36. Sean Ross says:

    I support this petition

  37. reverendhellfire says:

    oh Brian, Brian, Brian!..

  38. P Callaghan says:

    O what was the outcome of all this, i passed the other day and there is a coffee shop in there now

  39. In reply to your question, P Callaghan

    Both government and courts did nothing about it. All the fraudsters got off scot-free and the benefactor, Ross Taylor, lost everything including his house.

    The public trustee was charged with responsibility to look after his client which he did not do. That is a trustee’s responsibility. No legal case was mounted to bring the failure of the bank, the trustee, or the financial advisors to account.

    Ross lacked the money to have the best lawyer so he lost.


    ian curr

  40. P Callaghan says:

    Thanks for the update, sorry to hear of the outcome, it was a nice place though the books were expensive, the library upstairs looked fantastic but as you had to pay to use it i never got in there to check it out

    1. Can I ask please where is the library based now?

  41. Just heard about outcome for Ahimsa House.

    Very disappointing process and outcome for the community and especially for Ross.

  42. Hello Samira,
    The library is in the custody of Peter G.

    I understand it is still looking for a home.

    I was thinking we could have a book fair at the West End markets and give the proceeds to Ross.

    in solidarity,

    1. Thank you Ian . I am glad that books survived the flood and I hope they will find home soon.

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