Man on Roof to Challenge Bank Sale of Community Centre

Friends of Ahimsa House Press Release

Bernie on Ahimsa house roof

At 10am on the morning of Wednesday 14th December 2011 Friend of Ahimsa House activist, Bernie Neville, will climb onto the roof of AHIMSA (Peace) House, 26 Horan Street, West End and hang a banner in opposition to the impending sale of this community space, slated to be finalised this Thursday the 15th December.

Ellen and Carl (Ross) Taylor had a dream: to use their life savings to buy a community house. This was made a reality in 2004 and over the next 5 years hosted social, cultural and political events, rented out office space and housed a library, bar, kitchen etc.

Now it’s up for sale, why?

*Because of massive fraud by Ross’ “friend” who had power of attorney, in cohorts with a tenant of AHIMSA House. The embezzlement was over $2million of Ross’ cash and assets. This was reported to the fraud squad but no action has been taken.

*Because of unconscionable and unethical behaviour by Challenger Bank (now owned by National Australia Bank) granting a $1.3million loan to Ross when he was in no position to pay back that money, nor able to make decisions in his own interest having lost his wife and suffered a series of strokes and a major heart condition.

*Because Ross’ capacity to understand the loan transaction (required by Challenger Bank as a condition) was declared by none other than a life-long solicitor friend of the power of attorney; a.k.a Ross’ embezzling “friend”.

*Because of inaction by the Public Trustee, who took over Ross’s affairs on the 12thOctober, 2009 and continuing inaction following the two and a half year period after Ross was declared without legal capacity. This is despite both the Public Trustee and the Bligh government more generally having been made aware of the shonky dealings of AHIMSA House as they have come to light.

Ahimsa House Not For Sale!

WE DEMAND: an injunction on the sale of AHIMSA House, the winding back of the loan transaction, a fraud investigation, a completed audit on AHIMSA House and the rightful return of AHIMSA House to the community.


Bernie: 0437 439 754

Ian: 0407 687 016

3 thoughts on “Man on Roof to Challenge Bank Sale of Community Centre

  1. Bernie Neville says:

    I hear they are thinking of writing a musical about this protest which they are going to call— Prat On A Hot Tin Roof. Bernie Neville

  2. Matt Callaghan says:

    Where is Brisbane’s leading Anarchist in all this.? What is BL’s position or is he the “friend” referred to in the cryptic postings. It’s a shame the place has closed

  3. Brian Lawson says:

    If you can find BL’s, WM’s and R. S & assoc
    email addresses you can blitz and bombard them with love and ask them to acknowledge their regret and apologies for the hell they and their associates have put Ross Taylor through over the last 5 years and reimburse him for all of the money they ripped him off for. Let them now finally acknowledge that the extensions to their homes, fitting out of their spaces in “Ahimsa House” were paid for by a lady who despised BL and who would be rolling in her grave to think that the hard fought earnings of 83 years of her hard work have been used by every low life who came out of the gutter once she died. Libertarian movements have indeed taken extreme liberties and reduced Ross Taylor to a bankrupt, broken man who cannot understand what the hell has happened to his and Ellens dream of a safe, comfortable retirement.
    Somehow to these these gutless, “has been, never were” slugs, and I mean no disrespect to slugs, I place a curse on them and hope that someone comes along and does the same despicable thing that they have inflicted on Ross.

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