Get on the road to ground the Drones

Get Ready, Get Set, Get On the Road to Ground the Drones
May 21, 2014Walk with us part of the 165 miles from the Boeing corporate headquarters in Chicago (where the manufacture of drones and conventional war planes are managed and designed) to the Michigan Air National Guard Facility at Battle Creek, control site of armed drones.

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Sign and Banner-Making Party for the Walk

Voices Office
1249 W Argyle St

May 28
5:00-8:00 PM

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Not Another Broken Promise! Not Another Day in Guantanamo!Rally this Friday, May 23
Water Tower Park
4:30 PM

Procession down Michigan Ave

On May 23rd of last year, President Obama again promised to close the detention facility at Guantánamo. His pledge came in response to the mass hunger strike by men protesting their indefinite detention and to the renewed, global condemnation of the prison. One year later, far too little has changed: few detained men have left the prison, and hunger strikes and forced feeding continue.

Chicago Coalition to Shut Down Guantanamo

Global Days of Listening

The Afghan Peace Volunteers in Kabul will connect with Hakim and Kathy, who are currently with the peace activists of Jeju Island, Korea standing in opposition to a naval base under construction.

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