Report from Ciaron O’Reilly in “Royal Visit Security Clampdown Dublin”

Report from Ciaron O’Reilly in “Royal Visit Security Clampdown Dublin”

Dublin is in the middle of a 20+ million euro security clampdown for the Royal Visit (first in a hundred years), daily bomb hoaxes (so far!), pre-emptive arrests of suspected dissident Republicans (only so far!) north and south, British military occupation continues in the north of Ireland, troops deployed from there direct to Afghanistan.

Eirgri, (militant Republicans) have been running a variety of NVDA campaigns on a variety of issues (eg Banks bailout, country being handed over to I.M.F. control, now the Royal Visit etc).

I attended there face off with the police yesterday


…….where I flyered about Bradley Manning, Eirigri had hoped to occupy and establish a Peace camp in central Dublin’s “Garden of Remembrance” (dedicated to those who died in the armed struggle for Irish Indepence), where the Queen is to visit in the coming daze (she and armed British security arrives in the country Tuesday), the roads around the Gardens have been closed down since Friday. Armed police ( a rarity in both Ireland and England) and Special Branch are constantly in the area, thousands of police and army in the streets and on standby for the coming week, central Dublin has a ghost town vibe about it….a lot of people avoiding the central city. Not to mention advanced parties of U.S. secret service who always prepare the way of the President wherever in his realm he deigns to grace with a visit…(pre-election irish phot op considered a must do for Obama presently…along with hi profile extrajudicial execution of the bad guy in his pyjamas a couple of weeks ago!…

In 2006, there was a riot in reponse to a “Love Ulster Parade” where the police lost control of the central Dublin for several hours,


The general sense I’m get on the streets, where I am spending a lot of time advocating for Bradley Manning (who passed through Shannon Airport Ireland, on the way to the Iraq war and military prison, Bradley’s maternal grandfather was born in Dublin) is there is a lot of working and underclass resentment to the Royal Visit and acompanying high visiblity police presence everywhere in the city (Republicanism remains the popular identitiy politics of the irish working class from Celtic FC tops to th general creation myth of the nation).

The middle classes seem to have generally embraced disengagement or the Royal Visit “as a sign of progress and modernisarion”. The Labour Party (led by former members of the political wing of the Official IRA/ “Stickies” are in coalition government with the party of Collins..and also some Blueshirt/ fascist connections form the ’30’s) have embraced the Royal Visit.

Sinn Fein in power in the north, and now pretty much the parliamentary oppostion in the south, seem generally disengaged from the visit if anything discouraging their grassroots membership form active oppostion to the visit.

The armed dissident Republicans have a developing capacity, it is thought unlikely they would try anything in the south but their Easter Message was quite broad on who they regard as “legitimate targets”.

Meanwhile, the pacifist Catholic Worker today undertakes its “Radical Rosary Mystery Tour” …. “NO QUEEN…but Mary Queen of Heaven!…single mum, refugee, role model for a revolutionary!”


which is shaping up well. Our focus in the coming week is to challenge both the Queen, the U.S. Commander in Chief Obama and the ongoing complicity of the Irish government at Shannon Airport over the ongoing wars on the people of Iraq and Afghnistan and the persecution of Bradley Manning and Julian Assange for revealing the true nature of these wars with this footage and other leaked cables from U.S. embassies.


Ciaron O’Reilly


“The poor tell us who we are,

The prophets tell us who we could be,

So we hide the poor,

And kill the prophets.”

Phil Berrigan

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