Boycott the war machine!

mazen-spot-the-difference.jpgEconomic Sanctions against Israel

Israel has imposed military blockades on both Palestine and Lebanon. These blockades prevent aid, food, water, medicines, and electricity getting to the people most affected by Israeli attacks.

In response, various people and groups have proposed economic sanctions on Israel.

I support any proposal that will stop Israeli war crimes and get the Israeli military out of Palestine and Lebanon.

I wish to address this proposal for people’s economic sanctions against Israel. Although I do not think that sanctions ended apartheid in South Africa they did help raise consciousness in the West about what the apartheid regime was doing to black South Africans and their supporters. Yet economic apartheid still exists for the working class in South Africa.

Many Israeli goods are produced by Palestinian workers and workers from other parts of the world. At the same time as Israel steps up its war economy, many in Israel will profit from this economy as Palestinian and Lebanese people grow poorer. The poor people will require aid to rebuild their lives. How can an economic sanctions campaign against Israel be made more effective and to cripple its war economy? Will a refusal to buy Israeli goods on shelves in supermarkets directly attack the Israeli war economy?

Aren’t the British, American and European arms manufacturers helping this war economy along and making huge profits in the process. For example, in July/August 2006 giant airbuses are flying in laser guided bombs from the US through Britain to kill villagers in Lebanon. Some of these arms manufacturers and providers of weapons have subsidiaries here in Australia.

Firms like Raytheon, Boeing and Dupont are but a few. There are also financial services companies and banks that provide funds and services to the US/Israel war machine. There are powerful Israeli lobby groups in Australia which obtain large tax concessions to provide funds to the state of Israel. Mark Leibler, a prominent tax advisor to the rich, has the ear of the Australian Treasurer on these and other matters. Also there are joint US/Australian bases in Australia at places like Pine Gap and Nurrunga which provide communication and military information from satellites directly to the US/Israeli war machine. These US bases should be shut down.

Boycotts against all these firms and agencies involving the withdrawal of labour have to be organised. Workers and their unions must declare these firms and agencies “black”.

Currently Union Aid abroad, APHEDA, provides assistance to Palestinian and Lebanese people. These projects should be supported by workers. Coordination and cooperation with union organisations such as these is necessary to assist the people who are struggling against the Israeli military.


Ian Curr
12 Aug 2006

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