A Report from the streets of Dublin Pre- QE2/U.S. Prez B.O Visits

*** by Ciaron O’Reilly

As the U.S. Grand Jury on WikiLeaks/ Julian Assange breaks cover and the Guardian newspaper settles into its dual role of the “Pravda of the Brit liberal left” and attack dog of the U.S. Feds….the Irish prepare for a change of shift of their imperial masters.

Within a few short days, the British monarch will visit followed by a U.S. President Barack “talks like Jesus, kills like Herod” Obama Love Fest on Dublin town.


Standing in O’Connell St. yesterday watching the Dublin City Council remove every trash can from the street, while trying to enforce their harsh anti-political bill posters “anti-litter”/ (more like anti-civil liberty) regulations was worth the price of admission alone! Made more ironic by the fact that they have in one swoop criminalised the founding act of the state itself…the putting up of a bill poster “The Proclamation” that kicked off the insurrections of Easter 1916.

I spent the day offering flyers to folks and having conversations on the forthcoming visits of British Royal Monarch and the U.S. Commander in Chief, the wars they are leading and how Ireland is co-operating at Shannon with these decade long kill fests, the heroism of Bradley Manning and Julian Assange and what kind of solidarity we can muster for them.

An off duty soldier from the Irish Army came up and shook my hand. He said he recognised me from a file he had perused while he was deployed at Shannon Airport. He seemed very sympathetic. Other folks in the street also recalled our ploughshares action in 03, always in a positive light.

This coming Monday’s “Radical Rosary Mystery Tour” is building well with a good crop of CW’s, post Catholics, lapsed Catholics, atheists and a high school Buddhist.

Whose planning to come so far includes…….. Joe Black (music), Paul O’Toole (music), Robbie Synott (music/ Irish language), Mairitin (Irish language and rosary familiarity, although his wife Andre is expecting a baby any day), Colm Roddy (Ireland’s best known solo vigil person), Con Carol, Dave D (filming), John Fitz (formerly anti sanctions on Iraq), Ben (Iraq combat veteran), Brendan (my brother)……..should be great……route is still be fine-tuned…..nailing the visuals today…



I’ll be downtown most of today/ Friday…if ya’d like to connect on this project, on Manning or Assange solidarity or anti-war stuff generally…. text or call me 087 918 4552…and we’ll hook up!!!


Ciaron O’Reilly

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“The poor tell us who we are,

The prophets tell us who we could be,

So we hide the poor,

And kill the prophets.”

Phil Berrigan

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