Intervention? In support of Bess Nungarrayi Price

[Editor’s Note: This open letter was sent to Workers BushTelegraph by Arthur Bell  in support of Bess Nungarrayi Price. It was held briefly in a queue before being published].

Sir – This is an open letter to those who think they know us better than we do ourselves.

We are Warlpiri people from the communities of Yuendumu, Wirliyajarrayi, Lajamanu and Nyirrpi as well as the town camps of Alice Springs.

Bess Nungarrayi Price is with us today to say goodbye to one of our lost children.

We are sorry and in mourning.

Bess Nungarrayi is one of us.

She was born here at Yuendumu and grew up here.

We are all family to her.

It makes us sad and angry when we hear that white people and town Aboriginal people in Sydney and in Alice Springs are insulting Bess and telling lies about her.

When you insult her you insult all of us, we are her family.

Nungarrayi lives in Alice Springs but she talks to us all the time. She listens to what we tell her. Many of our people also live on the town camps in Alice Springs.

Barbara Shaw does not lead them, she doesn’t speak our language.

Nungarrayi always does her best to help any of us when we are in trouble.

We support her in her struggle to make life better for us.

We are hurt and angry now by the things that these people have been saying. Aboriginal people should know better than to hurt people who are in sorry business.

No white person knows us better than Bess does.

We don’t know who this Snowy River woman who calls herself Nampijinpa.

We don’t know Marlene Hodder.

They don’t speak our language like Nungarrayi does.

They don’t know what is in our minds and hearts like Nungarrayi does. These people should apologise to her and to us, her family, for the things they have been saying.

More than 120 signatures are in the possession of the Alice Springs News.

They are available from

One thought on “Intervention? In support of Bess Nungarrayi Price

  1. Arthur Bell says:

    To: John T.
    re. previous emails,
    John, I was suggesting that you publish the “Bess Price”
    one on “Your” site if you are into these issues !

    The other,
    I was pointing out to Ian that Les received only 106 votes.
    But of course this adds weight to “your” argument of the Congress “not being representative”

    Which of course would “not suit” Ian.

    And of course, what you say is Right !

    Ian Curr sez, “Aren’t you running the risk of excluding people from the debate” ? May 5. 12.47 am. On “open letter”

    Ian of course “is” “excluding people” !

    As a “hypocrite” and “petty tyrant” !

    John, weather Ian Curr publishes what I post, or not, is not really important to me as “wbt” readers and posters would “not” be my target audience.
    cheers Arthur Bell.

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