Australian Invasion

IT didn’t take very long for the ALP’s brand new halo to slip.

Julia Gillard has used her new position of power to align herself with John Howard’s anti-black-armband revisionists and declare that this nation was in fact settled and not invaded.

Allow me to point out to the newly installed Education Minister that genuine and duly qualified historians believe that a nation can only come into possession of occupied land by three means.… Go to Article

Liberate Iraq from democracy’s warriors of spin


On election night, former Assistant Federal Treasurer and warmonger, Peter Dutton, looked like losing Cheryl Kernot’s old seat of Dickson to a local school teacher, Fiona McNamara, until the masters of spin came out and said that the ALP candidate had conceeded.

Former Defence Minister in the Howard government, Nelson Nobody, could not be drawn on the imbroglio and supports only George Bush.… Go to Article

2007 Federal Election: Bastards voted out

Little Joy for Workers

“In democracies, sometimes the rulers have to change in order to ensure that things remain the same”

— adapted from The Leopard by Giuseppe di Lampedusa

Unions were told by the Labor Party that they had to work on a marginal seats campaign to get the ALP in government and thereby change the workplace laws.Go to Article

Vale Bryan Law

"Can't add my name into the fight while I'm gone
So I guess I'll have to do it while I'm here
And I won't be laughing at the lies when I'm gone
And I can't question how or when or why when I'm gone"
-'when i'm gone' by phil ochs

Ciaron O’Reilly has penned a eulogy to Bryan Law who passed away this week.… Go to Article

Workers’ political organisations

After the Waterfront – the workers are quiet has discussed the broad trends in the Australian labour movement within a context of dwindling socialist ideas and organisations. We have argued that the historic mission of the Australian Labor Party has been the modernising of capitalism in moments of crisis, and subsumed workers’ interests into the so-called national interest, thus thwarting attempts to achieve socialism, specifically worker control of production.Go to Article

They are cutting down our trees

In Camp Hill, inner city Brisbane, on 12 November 2007, they are cutting down our trees.


asked if I could take this photo. The tree lopper told me to make sure I took the photo on his best side. He said that the trees make a mess in this neighbour’s yard and that both trees that stand over 40 feet high are to come down.… Go to Article

Saving Mary


What are the real costs of the proposed Traveston Crossing dam?

Two information evenings are scheduled to make common cause between the people of Brisbane and the residents of the Mary Valley. Come along and find out the reasons why the proposed Traveston Crossing Dam on the Mary River is not in the best interests of the people of Brisbane or those of the Mary Valley.Go to Article

Philistines no longer at the gates: final word from QUT lecturer

Video: Laughing at Aborigines? – Tough Questions for QUT…

Dear Friends

This is to notify you that John Hookham and I have reached a settlement with the university. The details of the settlement are confidential but the upshot is that I have resigned from QUT. I had intended to accept the university’s first offer which we had reached as a settlement of the Federal Court proceedings.Go to Article

Arise ye workers from ye slumbers!

A New Direction for Unions.

It is interesting (but not surprising) that there have been no calls from unions for a national Your Rights at Work rally during the 2007 Federal Election Camapign. The ALP clearly believe they don’t need union mobilisation to win seats, they prefer to scare people with the prospect of higher interest rates and a reduced work conditions if the federal government is re-elected.… Go to Article

Water Theft

Comments on Logan Basin Water Resource Plan (‘the plan’) and its effects on North Stradbroke Island.

Water supply in South East Queensland has become a key issue in recent years due to lack of planning to cater for rapid and unsustainable population growth, prolonged drought and drying climate.
I say unsustainable because the best measures of sustainability are ecological ones not economic ones.
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