Humphrey McQueen on May Day

Speech by Humphrey McQueen - May Day Dinner, Adelaide, 2011 Although we are more than half way through our May Day dinner, it is never too late to say grace: 'For the food and drinks that we are enjoying, we thank the working classes'. We have already expressed our thanks to the catering staff who … Continue reading Humphrey McQueen on May Day

“We are going back to Palestine” – marchers cross into Palestine from the Golan Heights

Editor's Note: Over night (15 May 2011) there have been dramatic reports of an uprising by Palestinians from within and from the borders of Palestine. One of the most dramatic was the Palestinian march from Syria breaking through the Golan Heights fence into Palestine (shown below). Equally dramatic were marches from Lebanon, Egypt, and Jordan. … Continue reading “We are going back to Palestine” – marchers cross into Palestine from the Golan Heights

The Left on Labour Day 2011

Labour Day, Brisbane, 2011 Socialist groups missed an opportunity this Labour Day. There has been a shift inside the Labour movement and the Left has not recognised it fully nor have they responded to it. Observe the Labour Day march in Brisbane this year. For the first time not a single Labor party politician up … Continue reading The Left on Labour Day 2011

Brisbane Labour Day Celebrations 2011

The Qld Council of Unions Labour Day Committee have organised a March and Celebration to be held on Monday 2 May, 2011. 10:00am March Commences from the Cnr of Wharf & Turbot Sts, please check with your union for details of your assembly area. 12:00pm Family Fun Day at the RNA Showgrounds, Oval 2. For … Continue reading Brisbane Labour Day Celebrations 2011

‘Reorganising Cuba’

Time 10 May · 18:30 - 20:30 Location Level 2 Queensland Council of Unions 16 Peel Street South Brisbane, Australia Created by: Australia—Cuba Friendship Society (Brisbane), Hamish Chitts More info Cuba is embarking upon a massive reorganisation of its economy, following the Sixth Congress of the Communist Party, held earlier this month, with a drive … Continue reading ‘Reorganising Cuba’

Union & Murri Protest

Close of Queensland parliament on 28 February 2008. And we were only seven Email said: "Intervention action Parliament house 10am Thursday" Pollies come on balcony to look down at 1,000 firefighters And we were only seven who have produced a 70% raise in productivity without a pay increase, Murris protest intervention accelerating on all fronts: … Continue reading Union & Murri Protest

My worst moment: remember September 11th … 1973

A short story The morning of 11th September 1973 will remain forever fixed in the memory of Julio Jorquera Muñoz. Julio was a maintenance fitter at Elecmetal one of the workplaces in the heavy industry sector under the supervision of the government and which was administered by a Workers' Council. It was also the political … Continue reading My worst moment: remember September 11th … 1973

Brisbane Labour History Association (BLHA) news

The BLHA newsletter is available by clicking here: blha-newsletter-jan-08.pdf Welcome to 2008 - may it be a good one. BLHA have hit the ground running with 3 great events planned for the next 3 months: Saturday 9 February – Worth Fighting For! A truly exciting concert with Leah Cotterell, Margret RoadKnight, Helen Rowe and the … Continue reading Brisbane Labour History Association (BLHA) news

Arise ye workers from ye slumbers!

A New Direction for Unions. It is interesting (but not surprising) that there have been no calls from unions for a national Your Rights at Work rally during the 2007 Federal Election Camapign. The ALP clearly believe they don't need union mobilisation to win seats, they prefer to scare people with the prospect of higher … Continue reading Arise ye workers from ye slumbers!

Your Rights at Work

The slogan “Your Rights at Work” is now part of Australia’s popular culture. For example, trainers who run onto the field during 2007 National Rugby League finals wear “Your Rights at Work” T-shirts, their slogan viewed by millions. BushTelegraph published the ALP’s industrial relations policy when it was released in May 2007. In the lead … Continue reading Your Rights at Work

Pig City: ‘they shut it down, they pulled it down’?

How does the song go? Watch the butcher shine his knives And this town is full of battered wives ……………………………………. They shut it down They pulled it down They shut it down They pulled it downRound and round, up and down Through the streets of your town Everyday I make my way Through the streets … Continue reading Pig City: ‘they shut it down, they pulled it down’?

Rally against IR Laws – 28 June 2006

Ignorance of a worse world to come? The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's chief executive, Peter Hendy, declared the national protest a failure, as he claimed the union movement only managed to mobilise 2% of Australian workers. Under the front organisation, Employers First, East Timor-style counter demonstrations were planned against the unions – you … Continue reading Rally against IR Laws – 28 June 2006