May Day: Workers of all countries Unite!

Why does union membership continue to decline? PodcastThe Communist ManifestoThe Red Contingent PlaylistPete Seeger - L'InternationaleBilly Bragg - InternationaleJumping Fences - Brisbane Barrio live at Foco Nuevo with intro by Lachlan Hurse Transcript Jeff:  Ian, what year did the Red Contingent start in Brisbane Labour Day? Ian: 1978 was the first year we carried … Continue reading May Day: Workers of all countries Unite!

Humphrey McQueen on May Day

Speech by Humphrey McQueen - May Day Dinner, Adelaide, 2011 Although we are more than half way through our May Day dinner, it is never too late to say grace: 'For the food and drinks that we are enjoying, we thank the working classes'. We have already expressed our thanks to the catering staff who … Continue reading Humphrey McQueen on May Day