Rai, that little magic man and our songs

A meeting of song stories, on sacred ground. Come to listen and meet our artists. The legendary Yorta Yorta soprano Deborah Cheetham AO returns to the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, mentoring and performing with Sydney’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander musicians and music students from the University of Sydney and the EORA Centre in Sydney. … Continue reading Rai, that little magic man and our songs

Decision on the sacred fire

Sacred Fire Magistrate Callaghan handed down his decision in the Brisbane Magistrates Courts today, 22 Oct 2014, concerning the sacred fire. He decided that the fire lit at the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy is a sacred fire and accepted the evidence of the two aboriginal elders. The magistrate accepted that the sacred fire fell within … Continue reading Decision on the sacred fire

Aboriginal Women: punished when DOCs steals their children

New stats reveal that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are one of the most incarcerated groups in the world. “Family violence is the key root cause of Aboriginal women’s imprisonment and the removal of Aboriginal children from their families. Governments want to be tough on crime but they fail to invest in early intervention and prevention and access to legal representation for victim-survivors of family violence – things that we know reduce the vulnerability of Aboriginal women,” said Ms Braybrook.

The Northern Territory Government cuts off water to Irrkelantye

The United Nations has slammed as abuse the cutting off of water to communities wherever in the world. In Detroit, a third of its residents face having their water supplies disconnected because they are too poor to pay their bill. The United Nations has said this is outrageous – “an affront to human rights”. What may soon occur in Detroit, is a dime a dozen in remote Australian communities – services are shut down, residents forced off their homelands and many of them into homelessness. Not long ago in the Kimberley, Oombulgarri community was shut down and its 62 homes are destined for demolition. Most of its residents are now homeless. There are also moves to demolish the Kimberley shanty of Kennedy Hill, with the families having nowhere to go. And so it continues.

Wandering beneath the grace of clouds

The following is an edited version of an interview with the writer-scholar-musician Janie Conway-Herron which took place in the beginning of March 2013. It formed part of a Master’s seminar on Australian identity/-ies taught at the University of Barcelona in which Janie Conway-Herron’s first novel, Beneath the Grace of Clouds (Cockatoo Books 2010) was addressed. The interview explores the links between her creative writing, her sense of belonging and place in Australia and her involvement in the alternative protest movements of the 1960s and beyond, especially her engagement with the Indigenous cause through Rock Against Racism. It aims to flesh out the politics behind her creative agenda, which she formulates as follows on the first pages of Beneath the Grace of Clouds.

Remember Dundalli – 2013

Dundalli remembrance, Post Office square, 5 January. Dundalee They teach us to study stones to contain our emotions at school we learn't more about Sitting Bull Oh why, oh why did they have to bury his heart at Wounded Knee? Proud Dundalli, born in Blackbutt he put up a fight for fourteen years uniting all the … Continue reading Remember Dundalli – 2013

More on Sand Theft from Straddie

Police to probe sand 'theft' Police have been called in to investigate the alleged large-scale theft of sand from North Stradbroke Island Belgian-owned mining giant Sibelco has been accused of stealing as much as 8 million worth of sand from the island and selling it to the construction industry. Premier Anna Bligh's Government, already prosecuting … Continue reading More on Sand Theft from Straddie


The Quandamooka Combined Aboriginal Organisations Forum proudly presents QUANDAMOOKA DREAMING A documentary film series from the Traditional Owners of Quandamooka country (Moreton Bay region) Filmmaker, Marcia Machado created four films about local history and culture in collaboration with Elders, community leaders and young people of Quandamooka Country WHERE: Concert Hall, Redland Performing Arts Centre (RPAC) … Continue reading Film: QUANDAMOOKA DREAMING

40,000 years and a handful of sand

Tony Mockeridge has asked that this song be dedicated to Lex Wotton. Accordingly this song goes out to Lex Wotton and his family for their courage in standing up for justice on Palms for the Bwgcolman people and for all the people of Queensland. 4PR - Voice of the People Tony dedicates this song to … Continue reading 40,000 years and a handful of sand

Brisbane Labour Day Celebrations 2011

The Qld Council of Unions Labour Day Committee have organised a March and Celebration to be held on Monday 2 May, 2011. 10:00am March Commences from the Cnr of Wharf & Turbot Sts, please check with your union for details of your assembly area. 12:00pm Family Fun Day at the RNA Showgrounds, Oval 2. For … Continue reading Brisbane Labour Day Celebrations 2011

‘Stop dumping on Aboriginal Rights’

[Aboriginal News] MEDIA RELEASE MEDIA RELEASE MEDIA RELEASE MEDIA RELEASE 26/2/10 for immediate release ‘Stop dumping on Aboriginal Rights’, say anti-Intervention campaigners The Intervention Rollback Action Group in Alice Springs today said that the imposition of a nuclear dump on NT Aboriginal Land is yet another clear breach of ALP election commitments and demonstrates contempt … Continue reading ‘Stop dumping on Aboriginal Rights’

Rally: Free Lex Wotton!

Violence done to aboriginal persons has been condoned by at least two juries now. Once in the Hurley Trial and now in the Lex Wotton trial.

Police came on to the island with high powered rifles, glock pistols, troop carriers, Tasers, to do violence against the community on Palm. They raid houses and arrest 23 people taking them off the island charging them without any evidence. Among them is Lex Wotton, his Mum is even charged. They manufacture the evidence with the aid of dope dealers and police informants. They threatened people with jail terms if they do not cooperate, they prey on the weak.