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Police to probe sand ‘theft’

Courier Mail article

Police have been called in to investigate the alleged large-scale theft of sand from North Stradbroke Island

Belgian-owned mining giant Sibelco has been accused of stealing as much as 8 million worth of sand from the island and selling it to the construction industry.

Premier Anna Bligh’s Government, already prosecuting Sibelco for alleged illegal sand mining, has referred evidence to the Queensland Police on the advice of the Director of Public Prosecution.

Legal opinion obtained by the Friends of North Stradbroke Island suggest the miner could be successfully prosecuting.

A copy of the Legal opinion has been referred to police. Department of Environment and Resource Management director-general John Bradley said yesterday.

Sibelco spokesman Paul Smith said the company denied any wrongdoing and was surprised at the police involvement

Greg Stolz
Courier Mail
p14 11 May 2011

Sand Theft from Straddie from Save Straddie on Vimeo

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One thought on “More on Sand Theft from Straddie

  1. The government’s recent announcements declaring Straddie to be a national park have been gauged to derive the best political mileage i.e. to gain advantage over Campbell Newman so that the environment minister, Kate Jones, can win the seat of Ashgrove at the next election.

    If Anna Bligh is looking for political mileage she is being pretty slow in bringing Sibelco to justice.

    The shameless extraction of sand and destruction of the environment on Straddie has been going on for as long as I can remember. Anna Bligh, a frequent visitor to the island, knows this only too well. So what is the point of gaining high office and doing nothing I ask?

    I have been going to Straddie since the mid-1960s. The destruction continues through the Nicklin, Bjelke-Petersen, Goss, Borbidge, Beattie and noe Bligh governments. Sorry I left out the tall man who took over from Joh, but he only lasted two seconds. Labor have been in power for over 20 years with a short gap and what have they done. Allowed sand mining to continue to 2027, long after they are gone.

    The Labor government should watch out. Two can play the opportunist game of deferring aboriginal and environmental interests in Straddie. If Campbell Newman wants to win the seat of Ashgrove, he could support an immediate end to sand mining on Straddie. What has he got to lose? The economic life of mining Straddie is nearly over and other industries would easily employ the few who lose their jobs with Sibelco.

    Ian Curr
    12 May 2011

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