Aboriginal Women: punished when DOCs steals their children

New stats reveal that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are one of the most incarcerated groups in the world. “Family violence is the key root cause of Aboriginal women’s imprisonment and the removal of Aboriginal children from their families. Governments want to be tough on crime but they fail to invest in early intervention and prevention and access to legal representation for victim-survivors of family violence – things that we know reduce the vulnerability of Aboriginal women,” said Ms Braybrook.

Bring our stolen children home

"On 27 March (2014) Pru Goward and the NSW Government passed the most dangerous legislation against vulnerable children and families since Federation. These new Laws are NOT reforms to Child Protection they are Human Rights violations. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=1423541817899727&stream_ref=10 Pru Goward stated in Parliament during debate of her legislation "It is always about money.” It is very … Continue reading Bring our stolen children home