‘Why We’re in a New Gilded Age’ – a review of ‘Capital’

The big idea of Capital in the Twenty-First Century is that we haven’t just gone back to nineteenth-century levels of income inequality, we’re also on a path back to “patrimonial capitalism,” in which the commanding heights of the economy are controlled not by talented individuals but by family dynasties.


The Quandamooka Combined Aboriginal Organisations Forum proudly presents QUANDAMOOKA DREAMING A documentary film series from the Traditional Owners of Quandamooka country (Moreton Bay region) Filmmaker, Marcia Machado created four films about local history and culture in collaboration with Elders, community leaders and young people of Quandamooka Country WHERE: Concert Hall, Redland Performing Arts Centre (RPAC) … Continue reading Film: QUANDAMOOKA DREAMING

Rudd’s Razor – Disabling the Disabled

by Brian Laver, Institute for Social Ecology(pictured at left providing advice to Fidel Castro) Well now we know. The apology is over and the feel good times have come to an end. All pretty quickly too. Rudd has let us all know the meaning of "fiscal conservative". He is going to reduce the ability of … Continue reading Rudd’s Razor – Disabling the Disabled