Our Island Home – the struggle for land rights

'in the evenin the dry wind blowsfrom the hillsand across the plaini close my eyes and i'm standingin a boaton the sea againand i'm holding a long yello spearand i feel unclothed nowto where it must bemy island home, is waitin for me —words by Neil Murray sung by George Burarrwanga and the Warumpi Band. … Continue reading Our Island Home – the struggle for land rights


The Quandamooka Combined Aboriginal Organisations Forum proudly presents QUANDAMOOKA DREAMING A documentary film series from the Traditional Owners of Quandamooka country (Moreton Bay region) Filmmaker, Marcia Machado created four films about local history and culture in collaboration with Elders, community leaders and young people of Quandamooka Country WHERE: Concert Hall, Redland Performing Arts Centre (RPAC) … Continue reading Film: QUANDAMOOKA DREAMING

Rally: Free Lex Wotton!

Violence done to aboriginal persons has been condoned by at least two juries now. Once in the Hurley Trial and now in the Lex Wotton trial. Police came on to the island with high powered rifles, glock pistols, troop carriers, Tasers, to do violence against the community on Palm. They raid houses and arrest 23 people taking them off the island charging them without any evidence. Among them is Lex Wotton, his Mum is even charged. They manufacture the evidence with the aid of dope dealers and police informants. They threatened people with jail terms if they do not cooperate, they prey on the weak.