They are cutting down our trees

In Camp Hill, inner city Brisbane, on 12 November 2007, they are cutting down our trees.


asked if I could take this photo. The tree lopper told me to make sure I took the photo on his best side. He said that the trees make a mess in this neighbour’s yard and that both trees that stand over 40 feet high are to come down.

One neighbour said that she felt sick.

One of the Kookaburras (pictured watching the destruction) lives in the trees and comes and visits her back verandah.

The neighbour said: “I suppose there is nothing we can do about it, pardon me I think I can hear my phone ringing.”

I asked her later if she knew.

She said: “No, I am sorry but I have to go to work”

Another neighbour said that many years ago there were no trees and that they could see the kids walking home from nearby Coorparoo State school.milne-lane.jpgfryar-st-backyards.jpg

Our backyards do not have to be destroyed. Just look here at the beautiful vegetable garden of one of my neighbours.

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