Australian Invasion

IT didn’t take very long for the ALP’s brand new halo to slip.

Julia Gillard has used her new position of power to align herself with John Howard’s anti-black-armband revisionists and declare that this nation was in fact settled and not invaded.

Allow me to point out to the newly installed Education Minister that genuine and duly qualified historians believe that a nation can only come into possession of occupied land by three means. Number one is by treaty, number two by mutual consent and, third, by armed and hostile invasion to conquer the existing owners and take the land by force.

To this day, I have never sighted a treaty and there is no legal instrument that has been countersigned by the Queen of England and the appropriate Aboriginal elders and custodians to acknowledge a peaceful transition. So the truth has to be that this continent was secured for the British crown by an horrific war that was waged against an unarmed and peaceful population that did not have the technology or the blood lust to resist the invading forces.

Gillard needs to accept that until this nation can acknowledge that truth of its past and enshrine that truth in the national record, Australia cannot really go forward.

Sam Watson

Macgregor, Qld

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There’s a cold rain on the Autumn wind
A brother murdered in Sydney Town
Marrickville brother under supposed legal cover
In his home they gunned him down
We say oh oh ooooh
Gunned him down
Sad river of tears
Two hundred years in the river of fear
Gunned him down.

Kev Carmody in “River of Tears” on Eulogy for a black person

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