Pots & pans ring out in solidarity with Chile

Brisbane Chile Solidarity Rally
26 October 2019

Yesterday I attended an emergency rally in solidarity with the people of Chile brought on by the severe repression of the Pinera government with many Chileans murdered and imprisoned. The rally was well attended by the young, women, indigenous Mapuche, and the second wave of Chilean exilios that came to Brisbane in the 1980s.… Go to Article

The ‘day of the political street march’ — struggle for democratic rights in Queensland

Democratic Rights Struggle 1977 – 1979

On 4 September 1977 Joh Bjelke Petersen, the Premier of Queensland, said the day of the political street march is over.

“The day of the political street march is over. Anybody who holds a street march, spontaneous or otherwise, will know that they are acting illegally.

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