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Donna Mulhearn in Brsibane

Dear Friends

Donna Mulhearn has recently returned form Iraq. She went there to gather information on birth defects and cancers in Fallujah after the US attacks.

She will be discussing her visit there at a public forum in Brisbane on 10th Sept:

Date: Mon Sept 10
Time: 4.30 pm (tea & coffee)
5.00 pm 6.30pm Presentation by Donna Mulhearn
Venue: College Hall, St Josephs College Gregory Terrace, Spring Hill. Park in Roger Street, and come in through main entrance. College Hall is on the right hand closest to street.
Contact: Br Jim DArcy bjdarcy

See you there!



BRISBANE – Friday Sept 1st. 4pm-6pm *DFAT Vigil in Solidarity with Julian Assange and Bradley Mannig

We will be holding a solidarity vigil in support of Bradley Mannning and Julian Assange Friday from 4.00pm-6.00pm outside DFAT in Ann St. (opposite Central station)This past week week…… – Bradley Manning has been dragged in front of a military … Continue reading


Foco Nuevo in September

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REBECCA WRIGHT & DONALD McKAYMARK CRYLE & THE REDEEMERS JUMPING FENCES Friday Sept 7 8.00 p.m. Kurilpa Hall 174 Boundary Street West End Come along and welcome Spring with an enjoyable night out at Foco Nuevo! Rebecca Wright and Donald … Continue reading


Murdoch supports ‘children of the revolution’

The AUSTRALIAN newspaper made libelous statements against Boycott Divestments and Sanctions campaign today. The paper labels the BDS walking tour in Brisbane on the weekend (28 Aug 2012) as ‘extremist’? The claims printed in the Australian article [Shop targeted for … Continue reading

QLD UNCUT Tonight’s meeting details!

Hi everyone,

**Queensland Uncut organising meeting**
Thursday 30 August, 6.30pm
QUT Gardens Point Campus – next to Parliament
B Block, Room 505

After the (thankfully!) tremendously successful Queensland Uncut rally last Thursday night, we can use tonight’s organising meeting to celebrate and debrief, and then focus our learnings and our attentions on our next two activities:

  • Queensland Uncut contingent to the Sept 12 rally for the union day of action – Meet 12.15, Queens Park George St
  • Queensland Uncut’s second protest rally – a weekend this time – 1pm Saturday 22 September, Kind George Square

There’s plenty of other things to talk about too – forums, teach-ins, building the network, upcoming media opportunities, fundraising, street stalls and campaigning, creative protest and artists stuff–hope to see you there!

**Queensland Uncut organising meeting**
Thursday 30 August, 6.30pm
QUT Gardens Point Campus – next to Parliament
B Block, Room 505
Map attached – call Emma 0422763225 or Tim 0411829319 for directions if needed

Gardens Point Map.pdf


Living in the Colonies — What’s Left?

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PShift 4zzz  fm 102.1 fridays at noon Living in the Colonies, What’s Left? Paradigm Shift Part I 12 Sept 2012 “Whose land is this land is it for you and me who knows, who knows this land better than you … Continue reading

Maritime agency’s boat search ‘delayed 29 hours’

As another boat has foundered with terrible loss of life we need to ask why ? Not accuse – but ask why is Australian Search and Rescue failing to rescue in time?

Have their operational guidelines been changed by a Government desperate to deter boats? A harsh question maybe but one which needs asking in the face of too many deaths.

Read the story below… No answers here but many questions. Also the survivors of this boat were taken first to Darwin detention from Christmas Island and then as this inquiry gets underway they were hauled off to CURTIN detention centre- a closed camp with no communications. They have not been given decisions from their initial arrival interview and not allocated legal assistance. This means that they are sitting in “administrative detention” with no administration taking place.

They are detention limbo. Hidden away and silenced. After hours and hours of interviews by AFP and ASIO no one has been asked to give evidence as to what happened at sea. We know that these survivors were floating in the water for 15 hours- why did this happen when Australia knew ….


Maritime agency’s boat search ‘delayed 29 hours’
Date August 27, 2012
Joel Magarey

INDONESIA government documents show one of its agencies approached Australia’s ocean safety authority about assisting a boat more than 29 hours before it was found to have capsized with the loss of 93 lives.
The revelation comes amid criticism levelled by maritime law experts at the Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s response to the boat, which they say may have breached a key legal obligation by leaving it without aid for nearly two days.
New details about the incident are revealed in an incident chronology compiled by the Indonesian search and rescue agency Basarnas – obtained by The Age – which also shows apparent bungles by the Indonesian agency.
News that Indonesia sounded out Australia for help contrasts with the picture offered after the June incident by the federal government. It stressed that Indonesia had accepted responsibility for the boat. Advertisement
The catastrophe, under investigation by the Western Australian coroner and a federal review panel, was a key event leading to the appointment of an expert panel that has sparked Australia’s return to offshore processing of asylum seekers.
Between June 19 and 21, the boat made several calls for help to the authority, which only sent vessels to its aid 41 hours after the first call, by which time the boat had capsized.
The Indonesian chronology shows that eight hours after the authority passed responsibility for the boat to Basarnas, the less capable Indonesian agency asked it to help ”if the boat was already close to Christmas Island”.
Previously released authority faxes show its response was to ”monitor” the incident, which it did- as Basarnas failed to carry out a rescue – for two nights and a day.
On the morning of June 21, the authority received as-yet unspecified ”additional information” and, that afternoon, sent a Customs plane and vessels.
The Customs plane found the boat halfway between Christmas Island and Indonesia, ”with approximately 40 people sighted clinging to the hull and others in the water”, according to a Customs media statement.
The boat was about 200 kilometres from both Christmas Island and Java, about 190 kilometres north of Australia’s search and rescue zone and about 10 kilometres north of the Christmas Island exclusive economic zone.
Of the 203 mainly Afghan asylum seekers authorities believe were on board, 93 drowned.
Two maritime law experts have said the authority’s decision to leave the rescue to Basarnas when it was proving ineffective may have put Australia in breach of a central duty of international maritime law.
Depending on how much authorities knew, it was ”certainly arguable” Australia had fallen short of the maritime law obligation to render assistance to distressed vessels, Sydney University associate professor of law Tim Stephens said.
Monash University maritime law specialist Eric Wilson said if Indonesia was unable or unwilling to respond to a maritime crisis when Australia was, then under customary international law ”Australia becomes the rescuer by default”.
An authority spokeswoman said Indonesia was responsible for its own search arrangements and the authority worked closely with Basarnas.

Read more:


Mal Brough

by ray jackson without a doubt we aborigines and other people of good and sound minds must see the possible return of this person of such a warped and myopic view towards aborigines to the federal parliament with much fear … Continue reading


BLHA October Seminar 2012

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Rich crazies insure their best bits

OMG what can you say
When a loopy has lots of dough
I received this media release from an insurance company today.
I have no comment.
I mean, really, what can you say?
What do alien abductions, legs, backsides, moustaches and voices all have in common?
The answer is, celebrities insure them!
Here are just some of the fascinating things that the stars are insuring²:

  • Shirley MacLaine has protection against alien abduction for $25mil
  • Model Heidi Klum’s legs were insured for $2.2mil
  • Former Test cricket player Merv Hughes’ walrus moustache for $370,000
  • Bruce Springsteen’s voice for $6mil
  • Dolly Parton’s ‘renowned assets’ for $600,000
  • One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson’s backside for $160,000

Amazing! You could even say crazy. But on the other hand, celebrities recognise what’s most valuable to them and insure against damage or loss of their signature ‘asset’. They do it for peace of mind.
95 percent of Australian families don’t have adequate insurance¹. That’s a lot of under-valued Aussie parents, partners and kids. Now that’s crazy!
For further information or to purchase Ezicover insurance*, please click here.
A reminder about what’s important in life from NRAS Australia.

The 5th September Meeting of the 17 Group

The next meeting of the 17 Group will take place on Wednesday the 5th of September in unit 6 at 20 Drury St. West End at 7 pm. The speaker will be Shakti and his topic will be:

“Has Politics (as we know it) Reached Its ‘Use-by’ Date?”

Here is a brief summary of the remarks that will introduce the discussion of this topic:

There are some powerful alternatives for social design starting to emerge, and it is time to start seriously considering alternatives to the present dysfunction of society. Amongst the challenges is a need to look at how we communicate, and consider what it means to be sane. Most of the world as we know it was built upon violence and exploitation. Is progress the result of the violence, or despite it? There are certainly many reality distortions. I wish to tease them out and find a language to encourage the transformation of the current dysfunction in politics into an emergent society using the current state of technology. A new word for this may be Cooperacy. I am finding it necessary to redefine most of what we take for granted, for our technical reality today is far more exciting than the way, in the past, we have imagined the future. The new revolution is not of guns, but ideas.

Here are some short biographical notes by the speaker:

I had decided to retire from what I thought was an abomination of a system in my early 20’s by choosing to live in a Yoga Ashram (upon invitation) in the 70’s (thus the shortened version of my name). This was an excellent escape because I learned how to be self sufficient, with a community of people who all had their own idea of something different. Here I learned how to be useful, solving problems and finding how things work so I could fix them. Most people there thought of it as a “spiritual” journey, but I just wanted something different from that in which I was being socially conditioned. Following my time there I was then sufficiently charged to allowed me to then follow my passion which was to play music, and I have done successfully for 30 years with tens of thousands of hours of performance. It is only 12 years ago that I started to use a computer and this certainly opened doors to learning I had never imagined. It has been a very interesting journey of discovery, uninfluenced by conventional indoctrination. Having been abused by the education system, the door to learning has opened at last. The most important part is that data is not knowledge and knowledge is not wisdom. Over the last 5 years I have discovered something very profound in society, which is not just me, but a large quantity of others coming to similar trains of thought. It is a meme that builds upon itself, each person building into it with their own experience. I am sure that it is not different from the great thinkers of the past, however each period has its unique opportunity to restate what it understands as reality.

Of course Leon is an old-school sort of guy. He apparently made some passing reference in a sniffy way to Engels’s Socialism: Utopian and Scientific and he’s very doubtful, according to our emissary, if he could take part in this sort of discussion without running his own line rather vehemently, so it depends on his dyspepsia, he says, whether he’ll turn up. But in case he doesn’t he’s sent this short summary of his life and work and doctrine and influence:

Please don’t send yours. Just come yourself.

Celia Shorojk film previews II

Film reviews
Film previews with Celia Shorojk 

Blow up stuff including the planet
Forget it
Total Recall
THE producers of Total Recall must have forgotten that not long ago (1990, not long ago for some) the original sci-fi shoot&blowemup starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone collected much of its handy profits through mystery and suspense.  
Maybe it is just me, but surprise is somewhat limp when you know what is coming.
Maybe the producers of the re-do were mesmerised by the numbers of the original. It cost $50M and brought in more than $250 mill. That’s good business, not likely to be replicated in relative terms by Total Recall 2012.
You can hardly blame the cast which includes top Brit thespos Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale and Bill Nighy.

Director Len Wiseman along with writers Kurt Wimmer and Mark Bombark muck about with some of the more memorable scenes of the original but that is more cute than clever.

At least they have ditched the ultra-violence of the firstie but they have also thrown out much of the wit and intelligence of the 1990 vehicle.

This one is bound to disappoint but I would suggest a strategy to save the film. See it in the cinema one night and watch the 1990 on vid the next. That should be fun.


Dick joke in the title; little other fun
The Dark Knight Rises
THEgeneral public who have posted reviews of this film have in general been enraptured with the latest in the Batman series.
Professional critics, in the main, have also been kind but some have suggested the movie is too long (2hr 45 m).
Others have said you cannot hear what the masked villain, Bane is saying. Maybe a sizeable chunk of the audience, teenage boys who communicate in grunts and monosyllables, don’t worry about that sort of thing. 
Most of your average punters are loving it unreservedly, but Huff Post reviewer   Scott Mendelson gave it a bit of a pasting. Perhaps Ms Huff&puff lost total recall of the protocols of industrial relations and forgot to pay critic Mendo.
Personally I prefer my Batman grey and coloured with streaks of  humour so director Christopher Nolan does not do it for me most of the time.
If you can take a lengthy nap in the boring middle of this epic, the whole experience should be rewarding.
Steve Carrell deserves better than this: 
the film not the boobs, I mean
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
DO not let the title fool you: this one is not a shoot&blowemup. Of course, there are modest 
explosions. It is the end of the world, after all. Due respects to Tissy Eliot, we are more likely to go out the way we came in, with a bang not a whimper. 
More’s the pity this alleged rom-com did not have a tonne of TNT under it to re-ignite the humour.
Poor Steve Steve Carell!.
He gets lumbered with a straight role in one rom-com, Hope Springs and in this one, the scriptwriters knife him in the back after a promising start.
Britchick Keira Knightley is the love interest but of little other interest.
Steve Carrell is one of the funniest actors on the planet. Come on Hollywood, give him something to work with.

Nauru Nightmare causes grave concern as deportees selected for transfer.

Lack of clarity as to what and when constitutes a legal arrival date in Australia- important as legislation to offshore dump is retrospective to 13th August. On Friday at 4 pm Immigration officials at the Northern Immigration Detention Centre (NIDC … Continue reading


“My people are burning, who will listen to their stories?”

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 26 AUGUST 2012 Bahraini Refugees Rally for Rights in Sydney Today “My people are burning under a regime of heart-less violence, who will listen to their stories?” Bahraini refugees and supporters will rally in North Hyde Park … Continue reading



BRISBANE REFUGEE RALLY SUPPORTS NAURU-BOUND ASYLUM SEEKERS MEDIA RELEASE TAMPA DAY RALLY TO SUPPORT NAURU-BOUND HUNGER STRIKERS A Brisbane rally called by the Refugee Action Collective for 1pm, Sunday 26th August, Brisbane Square to mark Tampa Day will also declare … Continue reading


1982 Commonwealth Games Land Rights Protests

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1982 Commonwealth Games Land Rights Protests Continue reading


Ridha — 100 days and still not free?

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Israeli soldiers came for Ridha at 2 am on 21 May 2012. They were 25 men and women, all armed to the hilt. Ridha, a bystander who was hit by shrapnel in the leg as an Israeli missile murdered Palestinians … Continue reading

Emergency rally against police brutality – thursday 30 august 2012

isja and other social justice groups will be holding a protest rally against the use of police tasers after they tasered an 84 year old man who was suffering a psychotic episode.

the article below, again clearly shows the absolute lack of proper training by the nsw police when attempting to deal with a mentally ill person. such events, as we know only too well, have indeed led to the death of the victim involved by police killing that person and then other police attempting to cover it up by police investigating police.

this 84 year old man, though tasered twice, did not die but surely other methods of control could have been used to quieten him down. sadly, the nsw police do not have a special unit, as other countries do, of being properly trained to deal with such issues.

that police rely too much on their weaponry in such cases merely reflects their attitude that they are the enforcers and they can do no wrong. this attitude, this police culture must be stopped immediately and the police be informed, in no uncertain terms, that we, the public, will no longer accept such police brutality against us and, especially, the young and aged among us.

join us on thursday, 30 august, 2012. The action will be in front of the Kogarah Railway Station, corner of Railway Parade and Montgomery street at 12.30.(Station side of Railway parade) on Thursday 30 August 2012.

this action continues our call to the barry o’farrell government, greg smith, nsw attorney-general and police minister, mike gallacher that tasers be withdrawn from inexperienced and untrained police officers and that all forms of police brutality cease immediately.

we will be holding our long promised forum on these issues in november. more information later.


An 84-year-old man with a history of dementia was repeatedly shot with a Taser and pepper sprayed by police in an incident that prompted a review of treatment of “elderly, infirm, immobile persons”. The Bexley man was the oldest person to be hit by a stun gun in NSW since April 2011 and a 16-year-old boy was the youngest person on whom Tasers were used, documents released under freedom of information laws show.

The information release comes months after the government refused to answer questions, put to the police minister in parliament, about Taser use. In the Bexley case, police made a 3am (AEST) call to the 84-year-old man’s home in February after his wife – fearing for her life – barricaded herself in a bedroom.

Officers arrived to find the man with a Stanley knife in hand, and deployed the stun gun for a second time when he failed to follow directions to get on the ground. They said the man had experienced worsening dementia for 11 years.

“(His wife) locks herself in her bedroom of a night-time for her safety. She feels she can no longer control him,” they wrote in their report of the incident. The wife was taken to hospital immediately after the incident for a suspected heart attack.

The incident was examined by NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Murdoch, who found the officers’ response was, as usual, “reasonable”.

The youngest person stunned with a Taser was a 16-year-old who had threatened his father with a wooden plank and attempted to strike police.

NSW Labor MP Walt Secord made the information request after the government refused to answer a question about Taser use in parliament. He was told the information was not readily available, and providing it would be an “unreasonable diversion of resources from frontline policing”. Mr Secord said more information should be available about Taser use.

“I think there is a responsibility that comes with it, and the community has a right to know where they are being used, why they are being used and whom they are being used on,” he said

Read more:

As part of the campaign against the use of Tasers and police brutality, the Indigenous Social Justice Association, Deaths in Custody Campaign and Justice for TJ are calling for a demonstration near of the St George police station, base of the LAC. The action will be in front of the Kogarah Railway Station, corner of Railway Parade and Montgomery street at 12.30.(Station side of Railway parade) on Thursday 30 August 2012.

More information call Ray Jackson 0450651063 or Raul Bassi 0403037376


Latin America: the pink tide

Introduction I have much to say on Ecuador and Rafael Correa. In short though, I think two things stand out about Correa: a) Correa has a PhD in economics, speaks 7 languages and has written an excellent book attacking neoliberalism … Continue reading


Tampa — 11 years on

Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution — Article 14, UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS They put lives at risk. They twist the law. The have the head of the military decide … Continue reading

Celia Shorojk film previews

The trouble with ageing

Film reviews by Celia Shorojk
Hope Springs
Alright you baby boomers, you happy now; they are even making films about sex for you.
Kay (Meryl Streep) wants her and hubby Arnold (Tommy Lee Jones) to zest up their three-decade relationship with Arnold (Tommy Lee Jones).
For God’s sake buy a Winnebago.
But no, she has to drag Arnie to a couple’s therapist (Steve Carrel). With these three strong leads and directed by David Frankel (The Devil Wears Prada) you know it is going to work it is bound to work, after a fashion.
You can almost forgive the silly title – hope springs eternal; ooh, that is clever.  But why cast ace comedian Carrel in a straight role. I suspect the answer is this is a serious film, masked as rom-com to avoid the chick-flick tag.
There has to be worse ways to spend a couple of hours – and better ones.

The Expendables 2
Imagine this! A boomer couple arrives at the monies. She goes to Hope Springs and he ducks in to The Expendables 2. That is what you call an open marriage.
Unlike TE1, here is no Helen Mirren in this late-in-life action film on Viagra.
The first film was watchable though embarrassing in its premise you are never too old to blow things up. You know, you could grow too wise for that sort of stuff.
The film makers will be hoping there are enough teenage boys out there willing to tolerate the old farts (Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone Arnold Schwarzenneger, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Chuck Norris) on screen for the sake of nostalgia or pyrotechnics.
Stallone co-wrote the script and this whole thing sounds like an expensive joke. Suddenly Hope Springslooks like aging more gracefully.

We even have a geriatric film, born in 1941.
Dumbo could be the pick of the trio reviewed here.
For starters, it is not self-conscious about aging. It helps that it does not a look a day older than when it was born.
The story goes – and it is a tale which deserves to be true ­ – the Disney studio made Dumbo on the cheap to recoup losses from the earlier animation Fantasia.
The animators concentrated on finely drawing the central characters and forgot about the fancy backgrounds. The film came in at about an hour’s runni9ng time. Don’t you just love it when less is indeed more?
No animal is shot or blown up or suffers existential angst. Who says Walt Disney is a cold sort of person, these days?

don’t let lying dogs sleep

by Humphrey McQueen [Speech outside the British High Commission, Canberra, 17 August 2012.] The news that British police had entered the building containing the Embassy of Ecuador gave Melbourne’s Herald-Scum a further chance to distort the Wikileaks-Assange story. According to … Continue reading


Queensland Uncut Community Alliance Rally

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The first Queensland Uncut Community Alliance rally was held last night, 23 Aug 2012. The following account of the rally and march was written by journo, bridie jabour who works for Brisbane Times (FairFax). 5.25pm: As the rally began after … Continue reading


Phil Monsour – CD Launch Sydney – Adelaide

Phil Monsour News and Information Hi Everyone Exciting News! Following my amazing tour of Ireland and the UK, my national CD Launch events are set for Sydney on the 29th of September at Notes in Newtown and Friday the 21st … Continue reading


‘We won’t get fooled again’ — radio, websites, resources and articles

4ZZZ or Zed This is a well constructed website using a menu structure that gives important current and historical information about Radio 4ZZZ in Brisbane. It intelligently uses a Drupal engine to configure database and other information necessary for people … Continue reading

Queensland Government Cabinet

In this era of slash and burn it is important to know who is making the cuts and where.

Member and Electorate Office Addresses

Bates, Hon. Ros Mary, MP
Minister for Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts


Level 5, Executive Building
100 George Street
Brisbane QLD 4000

tel: 322 42880
fax: 3224 2492

Bleijie, Hon. Jarrod Pieter, MP
Attorney-General and Minister for Justice


Level 18, State Law Building
50 Ann Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
GPO Box 149, Brisbane QLD 4001

tel: 324 79068
fax: 322 14352

Cripps, Hon. Andrew Peter, MP
Minister for Natural Resources and Mines


Level 17, QMEC Building
61 Mary Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
PO Box 15216, City East QLD 4002

tel: 322 51861
fax: 3224 2491

Crisafulli, Hon. David, MP
Minister for Local Government


Level 18, Mineral House
41 George Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
PO Box 15031, City East QLD 4002

tel: 323 41870
fax: 3012 8901

Davis, Hon. Tracy Ellen, MP
Minister for Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services


Level 13
111 George Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
GPO Box 806, Brisbane QLD 4001

tel: 323 54280
fax: 30127704

Dempsey, Hon. Jack Mark, MP
Minister for Police and Community Safety


Level 24, State Law Building
50 Ann Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
GPO Box 15195, City East QLD 4002

tel: 323 90199
fax: 3221 9987

Dickson, Hon. Steve Lance, MP
Minister for National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing


Level 7
111 George Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
PO Box 15187, City East QLD 4002

tel: 322 47477
fax: 30127725

Elmes, Hon. Glen, MP
Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Multicultural Affairs


Level 6B, Neville Bonner Building
75 William Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
GPO 806, Brisbane QLD 4001

tel: 323 54562
fax: 3224 2494

Emerson, Hon. Scott Anthony, MP
Minister for Transport and Main Roads


Level 15, Capital Hill Building
85 George Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
GPO Box 2644, Brisbane QLD 4001

tel: 323 71111
fax: 32242493

Flegg, Hon. Bruce, MP
Minister for Housing and Public Works


Level 7
80 George Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
GPO Box 2457, Brisbane QLD 4001

tel: 323 71832
fax: 3012 9017

Langbroek, Hon. John-Paul Honore, MP
Minister for Education, Training and Employment


Level 22, Education House
30 Mary Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
PO Box 15033, City East QLD 4002

tel: 323 71000
fax: 32118011

McArdle, Hon. Mark Francis, MP
Minister for Energy and Water Supply


Level 13, Mineral House
41 George Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
PO Box 15456, City East QLD 4002

tel: 389 63691
fax: 30129115

McVeigh, Hon. John, MP
Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry


Level 8, Primary Industries Building
80 Ann Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
GPO Box 46, Brisbane QLD 4001

tel: 323 93000
fax: 32118199

Newman, Hon. Campbell, MP
Premier of Queensland


Level 15, Executive Building
100 George Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
PO Box 15185, City East QLD 4002

tel: 322 44500
fax: 3221 1809

Nicholls, Hon. Tim James, MP
Treasurer and Minister for Trade


Level 9, Executive Building
100 George Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
GPO Box 611, Brisbane QLD 4001

tel: 322 46900
fax: 3211 0122

Powell, Hon. Andrew Cary, MP
Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection


Level 13
400 George Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
GPO Box 2454, Brisbane QLD 4001

tel: 323 90844
fax: 3224 2496

Seeney, Hon. Jeff William, MP
Deputy Premier, Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning


Level 12, Executive Building
100 George Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
PO Box 15009, City East QLD 4002

tel: 322 44600
fax: 3224 2490


Malalai Joya – a woman among warlords

“I need your support for a documentary film that will show the history of Afghanistan and my story”, says Malalai Joya. “Please support this project and share it with your friends.” — DCMJ


Rallies against Qld Government

Qld Teacher Union rally on Tuesday 21 August Qld Uncut rally Thursday 23rd August (Social services organisations campaign) Combined Unions rally (will be very large!!) Wednesday 12th September. also info below on activities in other parts of Qld [Thanks Ross … Continue reading

10 annoying things in fiction

“I know nothing about him,” I murmur.
“…Thank you,” I murmur.
“Um. Actually –” I mutter.
“Raising the ordinary to the extraordinary,” I murmur.
“It’s shrewd business,” he murmurs.
“Very well,” she mutters, then exits.
“Oh I’ll bear that in mind,” I murmur.
– All the above quotes are from Chapter 1 of Fifty Shades of Murmuring and Muttering

10  annoying things in fiction

 10.  A sentence which starts with Then.
  9. A sentence with then in it.
  8. Sentences without verbs except those in this article.
   7. Sentences with many overblown annoying unnecessary florid adjectives.
   6 Characters who express direct speech in any of the following ways: laugh, grin, cry, smile, exclaim, explode, object, sigh, scowl, murmur.
  5. Adverbs which constantly modify how someone speaks, I say scathingly.
  4. Characters who appear for no reason
  3. Characters who disappear without explanation
  2. The word very which is a very bad word.
  1. More than one ante-climax.

Support the BDS action: Aug 25

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Justice for Palestine needs your support for our next Boycott Divestment Sanction action in Brisbane on Saturday the 25th of August – the first Brisbane BDS walking tour – meeting at 10.50 am at King George Square. Please join the … Continue reading