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4ZZZ or Zed

This is a well constructed website using a menu structure that gives important current and historical information about Radio 4ZZZ in Brisbane. It intelligently uses a Drupal engine to configure database and other information necessary for people interested in finding out more about 4ZZZ in particular and the Community that Zed radio serves. The website gives a list of community organisations for example the Brisbane Sovereign Tent Embassy that Zed supports. The website enables you to can listen online and view program information and playlists of music broadcast by particular shows.

Zed relies on funding through subscription and sponsorship, it stands out from other advertisement driven media by choosing to support sponsorship from those Zed people think suits its listenership and the ethos of a community organisation. This is expressed clearly in the material provided on the website and is captured in its slogan Agitate/Educate/Organise.


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* The founding of the Public Broadcasting Association of Australia.
* A series of conferences and inquiries which attempted to establish public broadcasting in Australia.
* An intensive public campaign to expose the degree of monopoly control of the media in Australia including the 200 – 300 spare frequency allocations which had been withheld from public use for 25 years to the benefit, particularly, of the commercial sector.

On January 14, 1975, the Australian Broadcasting Control Board advertised for applications for a licence “for a low-coverage, AM, restricted, commercial broadcasting station to serve a Melbourne area within a radius of 16 kilometres from the broadcasting site”. The CRF applied for and received a licence. The rest is history … as the station proclaims “3CR has been Melbourne’s voice of dissent”. This radio played a big role in the defence of the Maritime Union of Australia in 1998 when half the waterside workers in Australia were sacked overnight with the use of hooded security guards and dogs. 3CR helped organise the longest picket line in history at Webb Dock in Melbourne when Victorian police marched to evict the workers from their workplace.

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This is the website of the Lebanese Communication Group that includes articles, radio and TV. It is an important source of information on the Middle East so crucial in world events over the past 2 years since the Arab Spring. It is the media arm of the political and religious organisation Hezbollah which plays a key role in Lebanese government holding important cabinet positions. The website is openly anti-zionist and the organisation backing it is one of the main reasons Lebanon had enjoyed five years of peace since the bloody civil war that raged for thirty years with the help of two occupying armies, Syrian and Israeli. Lebanon is a place of international intrigue with many countries attempting to influence the flow of political events — USA, France, Turkel, Iran and Israel to name but a few. The website reflects this by providing a range of news and opinion from a political standpoint. The website is well resourced with correspondents filing stories across several different platforms – online TV, mobile devices, podcasting sound and vision. The station is multilingual providing broadcasts in Arabic, French, Spanish and English. The website gives international coverage outside the region as well — for example it refers to the Guardian piece on Wikileakes – Guardian: Ecuador to Grant Assange Asylum


4ZZZ’s Opening Statement in 1975

To set the scene — the day prior to the first broadcast on 4ZZZ, Indonesia invaded East Timor beginning 25 years of brutal repression resulting in the deaths of one third of population. The Whitlam Labor government knew of the impending invasion but did nothing. Nor did the caretaker Fraser government.

The Whitlam Labor government was sacked by the governor general, sir john kerr, on 11 November 1975, less than a month before Zed’s opening.

In this constitutional coup, Malcolm Fraser was made caretaker PM. That year the US military was defeated in Vietnam. The US had conducted a secret and genocidal war in neighbouring Cambodia for the past three years. After years of invasion and bombing by French, American and Australian military – Saigon was taken by the National Liberation Front and re-named Ho Chi Minh city.

Meanwhile, in the sleepy town of Brisbane, the broadcast below hit the airwaves — to the few that had an FM receiver. Queensland was run by a conservative government that carried on racist policies against aboriginal people and attacked the democratic rights of workers, banned

Foco Nuevo

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Sue Monk and Lachlan Hurse from Jumping Fences organised Foco Nuevo during 2008 where they presented a mix of musical styles that extends the folk tradition. This regular music event was held on the last Friday of each month and featured a diversity of guest singer-songwriters and musicians.

Notices about upcoming ‘Foco Nuevo’ are posted on www.foconuevo.org.au regularly with recordings, images and videos.

This feature on Foco Nuevo is a tribute really, a tribute to two political musos, Sue Monk and Lachlan Hurse, consistent in their art and politics over a period of more than 20 years.

Their band Jumping Fences has included many fine musicians over the years.
At Foco Nuevo these included: Ross Gwyther on sax and clarinet (for mine, he plays like Akker Bilk), James Harper on percussion, and Dan Simpson on drums. They are often accompanied beuatifully on vocals by Leonor Orellana. They have been accompanied also by Rob ‘ Santana’ Stewart on lead guitar. Rob is from ‘Little Secrets’ now called ‘Three Miles from Texas.

Sue and Lachlan put Foco Nuevo together and with the help of local musicians and dedicated helpers like Maggie, Allea, Manal, Kate and Mara made it a success. The audiences in 2008 were a good appreciative crowd that contributed to its independence and appeal. See http://www.foconuevo.org.au/

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Paradigm Shift
Welcome to the Paradigm Shift – broadcasting on Brisbane’s 4ZZZ (fm 102.1, Fri 12 noon) we look at and challenge our society’s
current concepts, values, assumptions and practices. We show possible (and existing!) alternative ways of being and doing. We are informed by the urgent need for Social Justice in the world.

Here is a collection of open air and studio broadcasts put together by the Paradigm Shift Collective. The Paradigm Shift broadcasts every Friday on 4ZZz FM 102.1 Brisbane. Check out archives at The ParadigmShift or on Facebook

PShift programs are podcast on SoundCloud at http://soundcloud.com/ian-curr

Older programs are podcast at http://theparadigmshift.podbean.com/

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