Support the BDS action: Aug 25

Justice for Palestine needs your support for our next Boycott Divestment Sanction action in Brisbane on Saturday the 25th of August – the first Brisbane BDS walking tour – meeting at 10.50 am at King George Square. Please join the Facebook event and promote and share the action with your friends and anyone who supports our campaign. contact

Continuing our commitment to the creative protests which have been the hallmark of the BDS movement around the world, we have planned a one hour walking tour through Brisbane to reveal to “tour” participants products of the apartheid state that should be boycotted. We encourage people to bring a camera with a flash and dress as a tourists.

The creative nature of our protests however do not diminish the seriousness of our cause. The situation in Palestine continues to deteriorate with a dramatic increase in house demolitions and the expansions of settlements. Thousands face a new round of ethnic cleansing, and for those already exiled the right of return remains a distant dream. The apartheid system is being consolidated with new laws and practices and the possible annexation of part of, or the entire West Bank.

But resistance continues and the people of Palestine desperately need international support. We have dedicated the BDS walking tour action to the heroic hunger strikers languishing in Israeli gaols who often taking themselves to the edge of death, have challenged their arbitrary detention and imprisonment and won some concessions and some releases. Popular movements continue to challenge the occupation and the ongoing theft of land and exiled Palestinians are rebuilding their grassroots political organisations.

Internationally the grassroots boycott divestment and sanctions campaign continues to challenge the impunity of the apartheid state of Israel with divestment campaign success in churches, local authorities and universities. A number of governments such as that of South Africa, and possibly a number of European governments are beginning to demand the labelling of products from the illegal settlements.

Now more then ever we need to expose and challenge the Apartheid state of Israel and the entrenched and growing complicity of the Australian political elite.

One thought on “Support the BDS action: Aug 25

  1. WTF ... walking tour labelled as extremist says:

    A walking tour is ‘extremist’?

    See these claims in the Australian article [Shop targeted for daring to sell Israeli shoes] — written by a journalist, Christian Kerr, who was not there, quoting a shop owner who is delusional with claims that her store was occupied and people protested outside for 3 hours. In fact, the walking tour continued after a short period had elapsed.


    There was a brief speech outside the store with facts about the Israeli products sold inside, the owner was handed a letter requesting her store desist from selling Noat shoes because of unlawful nature of the Israeli apartheid regime that produces them. The BDS walking tour then continued on to David Jones that sells SodaStream a company that produces soft drink on stolen land using Palestinian water, and by exploiting Palestinian workers.

    Noat Shoes (that advertise in the Australian) are made in the occupied territories under an apartheid regime that jails innocent Palestinians without charge or right to trial.

    Ian Curr
    30 Aug 2012

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