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Bombing ISIS?

[An interesting perspective, and some concrete policy proposals in contrast to the policy of bombing ISIS, from a Danish Peace Studies academic. – Thnx Ross.] Part A – Some principles (yesterday) here This two-part PressInfo offers a pro-peace perspective on … Continue reading


Why ‘Can-Do’ may be a ‘oncer’

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* oncers = first term governments kicked out at following election. Until recently, very rare in Australian politics, Australians usually give new governments a second chance. Could Campbell Newman lead a one-term government to defeat after winning the 2012 election with the largest landslide in Australian political history? And to lose his own seat in the bargain? At Ashgrove the tide is a long way out. Continue reading


Foco Nuevo in December

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Firstly we our thoughts are with those of you who have suffered damage from Thursday’s storm. Our final Foco Nuevo for 2014 features special guests Rivermouth and 3 Miles from Texas. But before we give details we’d like to invite … Continue reading


Open letter to Prime Minister: remote communities

The National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples has noted that the Western Australian and South Australian governments have threatened to shut down services to small and remote townships of the Aboriginal Peoples. We bring this matter to your government for urgent attention to Australian policy regarding the rights of First Peoples. Continue reading


International Labour Organisanisation Convention: Self Determination?

[Publisher’s Note: I include the report here from the ILO sent by Les Malezer representing Congress of Australia’s First People. I note that Les reports the ACTU does not appear to have a position regarding the resolutions passed. If this … Continue reading


BrisCAN: G20 Debrief, relief and where to from here

BrisCAN and friends … Congratulations, YOU did it!  We survived the G20 and it is time to re-group and look forward: Sunday November 30 9:30am for cuppa 10am for meeting The Basement at 5 Paris Street, West End (near the … Continue reading


The 17 Group: ‘Israel Colonial Settler State and the New Apartheid’

The Palestinian story is one of catastrophe and struggle following the Palestinian dispossession of 1948 and the creation of the homeland for Jewish settlers from Europe. It has been subsumed beneath European and US support and sympathy for the Jewish people following persecution and genocide in Europe. Israel’s circumstance depends on massive military and economic support from the US to maintain its domination. In the Western media the full Palestinian narrative is overshadowed by Western support for the settlers.

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Deaths in custody … avenues of justice

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please find attached the information relative to our public forum to be held at the settlement, 17 edward atreet darlington to be held on saturday, 6 december, 2014 at 2pm. time does not permit a longer post as i am … Continue reading

My Story Is Your Story

Poem by Alice Eather

Djiya wiba yinyirra
Ngana Maningrida yo
Djiya wiba yinyirra

People ask me for my story
but my story is your story

My feet are in the dirt
and the dirt it speaks in dust
and the trees they speak in leaves
like the people speak in trust
and the water speaks in waves
and the dust is in the wind
so the Country covers my skin
and this skin covers this body

And this body has a message in this chest that carries messages from my ancestors on what to do against a threat

And these messages come to me in dreams
and I’ve collected so many now
they’re asking me to speak

People ask me for my story
but I thought my story was your story

When I see a map of Country
I see land, sea and family

When they see a map of Country
they see mining fantasies

When I see the sea-beds
I see sacred sites

When they see the sea-beds
they see dollar signs

When I see exploration permit 266
I see them trying to reduce my country into three digits

When I see Yirridja and Dhuwa Country
I see everything that is our Moiety

When they see Yirridja and Dhuwa Country
They see the future of the oil and gas industry

When I see the tides rise and fall
Kabalala karapa kakaja
I can read the storms

When they see the tides rise and fall
They just want to find out
what’s under it all

It’s funny how they want to dig deep
but act so shallow

So I say

Saltwater people say

Wùnal Clan say

People ask me for my story
but my story is your story

When you cry
Don’t you cry the ocean?
When you sweat
Don’t you sweat the ocean?
When you drink
Don’t you drink the rivers and the rain
And when you wash
Don’t you wash into that ocean
so the cycle can start again?

When we cry
We cry the ocean
When we sweat
We sweat the ocean
When we drink
We drink the rivers and the rain
and we wash into that ocean
so the cycle can start again.


Housing ban is no Solution

[Publisher’s Note: This is a racist policy being put forward by the cops. There used to be a lot of drug dealers in Valley/New Farm back in the day … the cops never kicked whitefellas out of the Valley. I … Continue reading


Anderson advises – initiate trade sanctions & boycott

another post from ghillar michael anderson on the urgent need to push our well justified claim to our sovereignty within our own many nations. we applaud his complete understanding that we aboriginal people are still living under the colonialist yoke … Continue reading


Cloudland Collective get together Thursday 27 Nov

The next Cloudland Collective get together will review the G20 organising efforts and discuss the upcoming Qld election and ABC cuts. Meeting details: 7pm Thursday 27 November The Burrow 37 Mollision St, West End All welcome. For more details phone … Continue reading

All Cops are Bastards

[Broadcast on 4zzz fm 102.1 at 12 noon]

Andy talks about the use of police during G20 and the $400M it cost. It is the ten year anniversary of the killing of Mulrunji Domadgee by then Snr Sgt (now inspector) Chris Hurley in the Palm Island watchouse.

G20 – media coverage of police actions false – Brisbane Times claims lack of numbers of protestors proves policing was successful. Fourteen (14) arrests, mostly homeless people who were arrested for obstructing police. 14 exclusion notices handed out. Andy was given an exclusion notice because he had a banner larger than 2 m by 1 m. Wayne was given an exclusion notice for having a PA system. Ciaron O’Reilly was excluded for being a prohibited person wanting to give Barrack Obama a message about Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange.

Louisa was going to the People’s March – a cop ran up to Louisa sayng that she was carrying some illegal items. Louisa was carrying slime .. it was part of street theatre. The cops saw Louisa and her friends dressed up and claimed that they were prostitutes carrying illegal items. Police women patted down the women but not the men. So they were given an exclusion notice. Louisa claimed that Brisbane does not have a history of resistance.

Real role of police — to control dissent — a sign that could be seen by G20 delegates. Limits on freedom, civil liberties and right to move. The city was empty. The $400M budget stopped the non-existent terrorist attacks and controlled dissent keeping protesters away from the delegates.

Policewoman in charge of G20 security, Katarina Carroll:

We had some people on the rooftops doing marksmen duty recording 63 degrees and this gives an idea of the repressive conditions.

Police shooting people – too many instances
Aboriginal Deaths in Custody – 4 aboriginal people died in custody in the past for four weeks. Celica Dhu died in custody as a result of being incarcerated for unpaid fines. Ms Dhu repeatedly complained about being sick … police ignored her … and she died in custody.

Mulrunji Domadgee … Lex Wotton speaks at People’s Rally … implores people to do more than marching, get into the yarning circle, occupy Musgrave park, elders to bring the young people in, pass on the struggles that you have gone through. G20 economic summit is not in our favour but we can change things …. speaking to at least 1,000 police.

Listen at

Friday 21/11/14 12pm-1:05pm
Everything I Own Is Broken – Police
Top Hat Killahz – Cops on fire
Combat Wombat – Police brutality
Kev Carmody – The young dancer is dead
QELD – All Cops are bastards

Laura Street Festival 2014

Celebrate with Laura Street in our 4th festival year.
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On Sunday 30 November from 1pm -10pm the friendly residents of Laura Street, Highgate Hill are opening their doors for a FREE community festival – celebrating music, art, culture and life.

Enjoy music, workshops, art, poetry, food and performances across multiple venues along the street.

Please contribute to the fun community spirit – perform, teach, build, volunteer (pre/on day), feed the masses, add your art or lend your brain and brawn to make it happen!
This is your opportunity to showcase your talents!

Willing and able? Contact the LSF Coordination Team at

Come along for a magical day!


Palestinian Film: ‘My love awaits me by the Sea’

Jaffa has orchards? There are none left. There are no orchards in Jaffa! “A poetic meditation on what it means to be denied the chance to participate in a collective memory of normal life.” – Variety How do you return … Continue reading


A Succint Clear Appraisal of Caseload Legacy Bill for Refugees


Report Reveals Removal Of Aboriginal Children At Crisis Point And Rising

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By Amy McQuire Keywords: Child Removal stolen generations child protection aboriginal closing the gap The Productivity Commission has claimed some progress in Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage, but the report also includes harrowing figures on Aboriginal ‘child protection’. Amy McQuire reports. The … Continue reading


Protected: Does the Left have community?

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Bowraville 3 report

on thursday 13 november, 2014 some 30 to 40 members of the bowraville 3 families attended nsw parliament house, the legislative council especially, for the tabling of the law and justice committee enquiry into the effects of the 3 murders … Continue reading

Indigenous community highlights “New Stolen Generation” at G20

Brisbane is a platform this week and many people are looking for a way to climb atop it.

Aboriginal people from around the country are using the G20 to bring to light ongoing issues of disadvantage.

On Monday, a rally was held to highlight the continuing removal of Aboriginal children from their extended families.

Story by Steven Riggall, 4ZZZ

Featured in story: Stolen Generation survivor Aunty Ronda Collard, registered nurse and researcher Mary Moore


Rai, that little magic man and our songs

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A meeting of song stories, on sacred ground. Come to listen and meet our artists. The legendary Yorta Yorta soprano Deborah Cheetham AO returns to the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, mentoring and performing with Sydney’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander … Continue reading


Modi, Friend of Abbott and Mass Murderer

> He is blamed for the death of 2,000 Muslims in India. So why is Narendra > Modi in Wembley? > > There was to be no Pinochet-style arrest for Narendra Modi. Instead, a man > either responsible for mass-genocide … Continue reading

Australia has a Black History


BlakDance is a national peak body that advocates for contemporary Indigenous dance in Australia.

BlakDance Board and Staff held our planning meeting in Sydney this week. We are excited about our future priorities and can’t wait to get back to work! — with Raelene Saccoccia, Bianca Colbung, Stephanie Williams, Jose Calarco, Carolyn Cilli, Simon Stewart, Mitchell Mead, Amii Armstrong, Queen-Bee Sailor, Mitchell Toovey, Chris Bonney, Maia Christine, Verna Parfitt, Chris Lawrence, Zac Eades, Masemarie Williams and Kylie Morgan.

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It’s the heart of the country….

I’ve spent years working with local landholders in the Kogan area, in the western Downs, caring for an important Bora ring located on a local property. Archaeologists had identified it as being thousands of years old and for me it … Continue reading

The ‘Great’ War and the Frontier War


Strong evidence suggest that colonial Queensland’s Frontier Wars alone took the lives of more than 68,000 Australians, whereas WWI in comparison accounts for the loss of 63 000 Australians lives. This new evidence is from a paper delivered by Raymond Evans and Robert Ørsted-Jensen at the annual Australian Historical Association conference at University of Queensland on 9th July 2014.

Historians have until now ‘guesstimated’ a minimum ratio of 10:1 for indigenous frontier casualties. Yet even this was deemed extremist by those in denial.

An increasing number of Queensland historians have since come to believe that Queensland alone would quite easily account for the accepted national minimum of 20,000.

In 2010 Raymond Evans issued a small statistical calculation indicating that 24,000 might be a better minimum figure for this colony.

Point of Departure
The original Native Police reports disappeared while in the custody of the Queensland Police Department.

Remnants of these files have survived among records in other government offices.

These remnants proved sufficient for statistical sampling.

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The Egyptian Reich

I was arrested for chatting in a Cairo cafe. On November 11, at 11am, in an upscale cafe located in front of the British Embassy – whose impressive size serves as a reminder that Britain once ruled over an occupied … Continue reading


An ‘accident’ waiting to happen and how to risk manage it.

on friday 14th. i had the distinct privilege and honour to be marching through the streets of collarenebri in 44 degree heat to give recognition and respect to mark mason, snr and the 4th anniversary of his killing by 5 … Continue reading

The SUWA Show – Squatters and Unwaged Workers Airwaves

suwa 3crThe Squatters and Unwaged Workers support and promote those resisting social order and trying to create an alternative to it. Interviews with local and interstate unwaged and unemployed activists, squatters and plugs of local and interstate actions, protests, conferences, meetings and film screenings.

3CR Station

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They say justice, we say murder!

G20 Week Stop Aboriginal Deaths in Custody March
Scenes from the G20 Week Stop Aboriginal Deaths in Custody March, today in Brisbane’s CBD. The massive group walked from Roma Street Forum to Musgrave Park, demanding justice for the hundreds of Aboriginal people who have died in police custody since the Royal Commission investigated the shameful problem back in 1987. #G20 #Genocidal20