It’s the heart of the country….

I’ve spent years working with local landholders in the Kogan area, in the western Downs, caring for an important Bora ring located on a local property.

Archaeologists had identified it as being thousands of years old and for me it was a sacred place of huge cultural and spiritual worth for my people.

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For more than a century the site had been treasured by the landholders who farmed the adjacent land and special care had been taken to keep cattle from trampling the ancient stone arrangements.

And now, you go up there, and you drive around up there, and you see this bloody gas well in the middle of it.

That’s because in 2009, a coal seam gas company (QGC) took in the bulldozers and cleared part of this site so they could drill a coal seam gas well.

The Bora Ring was known and recorded as being a place of importance and a site of significance but that was not enough to stop QGC from getting access to the site and putting a gas well in its centre.

There has never been any legal action taken against QGC for their actions, and the gas well is still there, desecrating the site.

We need law reforms to stop this kind of tragic loss of cultural heritage sites and we need legal action taken against those responsible for this kind of damage.

But most people don’t even know it’s happening. So the first step is to spread the word.

Can you share this video widely with your friends, family and colleagues, and help them learn about what’s happening to culture and country in Queensland?

We need to think about the children and what we are leaving for them.

We can make change together. Working side by side with farmers at Kogan, I can see that new alliances and friendships are forming that can stop the mining industry taking our culture from us.

Please share my story widely, and let’s stand together to defend country.

Neil Stanley

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