Palestinian Film: ‘My love awaits me by the Sea’

Jaffa has orchards?
There are none left.
There are no orchards in Jaffa!

“A poetic meditation on what it means to be denied the chance to participate in a collective memory of normal life.” Variety

How do you return to a place that exists only in your mind?

This is just one of the questions director Mais Darwazah seeks answers for in this poetic and intensely personal documentary. Born and raised in Jordan, Mais visits her Palestine homeland for the first time to retrace the last steps of late artist and kindred spirit Hasan Hourani, who accidentally drowned in the forbidden sea of Jaffa in 2003. Hasan’s utopian and childlike creations were embraced by modern Palestinians, looking to hold onto the dream of life outside the Occupation.

Mais’ fairytale love affair with Hasan and her poetic encounters with the Palestinian people and its landscape results in a spiritual homecoming. This delicate, tender cinematic essay seeks to find the sweetness of love in the harshest of places, and is enchanting to observe.

A woman takes a first time journey back to her Palestine. Accompanied by Hasan, her imaginary lover, she searches for his fantasy world and finds the remnants of hope in a land exhausted by endless years of war.

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Next Sunday, 30th Nov,
Palace Barracks cinema is the only screening of the doco My Love Awaits Me By The Sea.

It’s on at 1:30, $12.50 or $10 concession.

Eyes of a Thief

“Najjar attempts to use cinema to break stereotypes and question the status quo … presents a much more complex – and realistic – picture of the internal Palestinian fabric.” The Huffington Post

After spending 10 years in an Israeli prison, Tareq, a Palestinian Christian, returns to his hometown to find his daughter – and to bury a dangerous secret. Finding himself in a militarised land that he can barely recognise, Tareq is pushed to ever more desperate measures as the shadows of his past stalk ever closer.

Selected as Palestine’s submission for the 2015 Oscars Best Foreign Language Film, Eyes of a Thief is the pulsating, finely nuanced sophomore outing from rising star of Middle Eastern cinema Najwa Najjar (Pomegranates and Myrrh). Featuring a powerhouse performance by popular Egyptian heartthrob Khaled Abol Naga and inspired by the true events of the 2002 intifada, Najjar’s psychological thriller offers a captivating and deeply humane portrait of a land torn apart by war and a people fighting to be free.

Is anyone planning to attend either film next Sunday?

(…/eyes-of-a-thi…/) is actually on just after it finishes, if anyone is up for a double session, or its other screening is 13th Dec at GOMA.

Original Title HABIBI BISTANANI AND IL-BAHAR Country Jordan, Palestine, Qatar, Germany Original Language Arabic, English Director Mais …

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