BrisCAN: G20 Debrief, relief and where to from here

BrisCAN and friends … Congratulations, YOU did it!  We survived the G20 and it is time to re-group and look forward:

Sunday November 30
9:30am for cuppa 10am for meeting
The Basement at 5 Paris Street, West End
(near the 199 bus stop at Hardgrave and Vulture Street across from West End State School)

G20 has come and gone, but the job is not quite over. There is an opportunity to follow up the Peoples Summit and Peoples March activities with valuable assessment, evaluation and perhaps a report that can be useful for future events and/or as a document to be handed to Turkey to assist them develop their anti-G20 efforts.

People’s March led by First Nations People at G20 on Saturday 15 November 2014

This meeting will be to decide what or if any of those things happen (we don’t expect to achieve those goals at this next meeting – but possibly set in place a plan to do so).

There is also the question of whether there is interest in continuing the work of BrisCAN, as was envisaged at the beginning, in fostering collaborative community responses to the ravages of capitalism.

But most importantly, we would love to see you this coming Sunday to catch up, debrief, and chill out.

PLEASE NOTE LOCATION: 5 Paris Street – the Basement!  West End!

Hope to see you there!
0411 118 737

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