The ‘Great’ War and the Frontier War


Strong evidence suggest that colonial Queensland’s Frontier Wars alone took the lives of more than 68,000 Australians, whereas WWI in comparison accounts for the loss of 63 000 Australians lives. This new evidence is from a paper delivered by Raymond Evans and Robert Ørsted-Jensen at the annual Australian Historical Association conference at University of Queensland on 9th July 2014.

Historians have until now ‘guesstimated’ a minimum ratio of 10:1 for indigenous frontier casualties. Yet even this was deemed extremist by those in denial.

An increasing number of Queensland historians have since come to believe that Queensland alone would quite easily account for the accepted national minimum of 20,000.

In 2010 Raymond Evans issued a small statistical calculation indicating that 24,000 might be a better minimum figure for this colony.

Point of Departure
The original Native Police reports disappeared while in the custody of the Queensland Police Department.

Remnants of these files have survived among records in other government offices.

These remnants proved sufficient for statistical sampling.

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