Housing ban is no Solution

[Publisher’s Note: This is a racist policy being put forward by the cops. There used to be a lot of drug dealers in Valley/New Farm back in the day … the cops never kicked whitefellas out of the Valley.

I support the call by ray jackson for police to have no say in where blackfellas live. Blackfellas must have their own housing, controlled and built by them in their own way.

If they do not have the skills then training must be provided. Blackfellas must be able to have sufficient communal land to grow their own food (eg in market gardens).

It is the highly processed cheap foods that is killing blackfellas (and whitefellas) especially in the towns and remote areas. Ian Curr, 26 Nov 2014.]

open letter to commander luke freudenstein.
redfern local area command.


it was with absolute amazement and anger that i read the article below citing yourself and sydney greens councillor ms. irene doutney rebutting your strong proposal to place a ban on people with drug convictions from being allowed to move to, and live in, redfern/waterloo.

how dare you attempt to dictate who can or who cannot live in the redfern lac! that is most definitely not the role of any police officer, from the police commissioner, andrew scipione, down to your newest recruit.

whilst it is well known that the redfern lac does have a tragic involvement and use of drugs and alcohol, among other crimes, your attempt to initiate some form of social darwinism to make your reduction of crime figures better, for your own ends, must be ruled out of the question immediately by the police minister, stuart ayres, and the housing minister, ms. gabrielle upton.

holding the addicts to account whilst not clearing out the known drug dealers in the area, at least 2 in my block of units, smacks of you taking the lazy way out to make your figures look good. research shows that there is a very high use of sniffer dogs being used to find the users but really, luke, if you want to reduce the use of drugs then i strongly suggest that you use the dogs to find the drug dealers throughout the area. that is the attraction for the addicts so, qed, get rid of the dealers and the addicts will go elsewhere.

having lived in my doh unit for some 25 years i am quite aware of the problems that arise from the very diverse community that we live in. i have an awareness also of the problems that come from within and without this community but if you, luke, really want to make change that is positive for the residents of the redfern/waterloo community then i am quite sure that as the pro-active commander of the redfern lac you know where your real focus must be.

not on who lives here but on who is dealing in drugs here. if a citizen has been charged for using drugs but has since become rehabilitated then surely these are the people we must have join us and not be subjected to the arbitrary whims of commander freudenstein and his wish-list of demographic dreaming.


ray jackson
indigenous social justice association

prix des droits de l’homme de la republique fraincaise 2013
(french human rights medal 2013)

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we live and work on the stolen lands of the gadigal people



James Gorman

GREENS councillor Irene Doutney has fired back at calls for people with drug convictions to be banned from obtaining public housing in Redfern.

Recent Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research revealed the rate of charges for possession of amphetamines in Redfern is 588 per 100,000 people, compared with 81 for the rest of NSW.

The statistics prompted Redfern LAC commander Luke Freudenstein to propose a ban on people with drug convictions living in Redfern or Waterloo.

“We want people coming into Redfern to reveal if they have criminal history and if it relates to drugs we believe they shouldn’t be allowed to take up public housing in the Redfern and Waterloo area.” Supt Freudenstein said.

Cr Doutney said while she sympathises with Supt Freudenstein’s frustration regarding the precinct’s crime rate, she did not believe the ban was the correct solution.

“I can understand where Commander Freudenstein is coming from but you can’t just put a blanket rule for everybody who comes into the area,” she said.

“It doesn’t need to become this major issue that it is quickly turning into, which is putting down public housing tenants.

“A better public housing policy could be used to help the situation.

“If you have certain individuals continually coming into Redfern and Waterloo after regularly having issues with drugs then obviously that area is not a good fit for them and they need to be relocated.

“But saying that all public housing tenants with prior drug offences are going to be a problem is unfair and unrealistic.

Cr Doutney said a significant percentage of people on the public housing waiting list have previous issues with drug, alcohol, and mental illness.

“A lot of people who are on the register have had drug and alcohol issues,” she said.

“If you instigate a blanket rule it opens the flood gate for this get of control.

“Where does it end?

Where do we draw the line?

“There are a lot of people who, when they are released from jail, rely on public housing to get themselves back on their feet.

“If you deny them access to that then where do they go?

“You have to house people, if they are rejected from public housing they will end up sleeping on the streets.”

Article Central Sydney News 19 Nov 14

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