Anderson advises – initiate trade sanctions & boycott

another post from ghillar michael anderson on the urgent need to push our well justified claim to our sovereignty within our own many nations.

we applaud his complete understanding that we aboriginal people are still living under the colonialist yoke of ongoing oppression since the invasion in 1788.

according to this yoke, refined and defined by each of the subsequent governments of these invaded lands, we aboriginal people are never allowed to win. even by their own courts! originally their indecent lust was for the lands themselves and the extraction of gold but now the lust is purely what can be extracted from our lands, waterways and seas. profits, mainly sent overseas, is the all encompassing goal and the claims, the rightful claims, of the traditional owners is as nothing to the governments.

we must, nation by nation, take our sovereignty away from these robber governments and declare that our lands, our culture, our very existence is very much predicated on our claimed sovereignty.

the pm who loves us, the foul abbott, the minister for aboriginal despair, must not be allowed to follow his genocidal ambitions arising from his election night victory speech that declared that ‘australia is open for business.’ that business is not our business, it is not our survival business, it is not our assimilation business. his aboriginal sycophant and quisling attendees will continue along their tragic path but regardless of the amount of silver paid we will never join with them. we have at least 60 000 years of culture and heritage to win back our true status of these invaded lands.

we must always remember that all these robber governments, along with their predecessors, have never ever given us aboriginal mobs anything of real value. we have always had to fight for what we have and we now need to fight to keep it. they have continued to take our lands, our women, our children, our wages, all for their own social darwinist demented use.

our united power must be finally recognised by both us and them.

it is my sincere want that the aboriginal summit being held at the old telegraph station north of alice springs this coming thursday and friday will empower other leaders to take the action and leadership of michael and others.


ray jackson
indigenous social justice association

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we live and work on the stolen lands of the gadigal people

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