Fitzgerald bags attorney general and his cronies

[Editor's note: The war between the Queensland attorney general and his judges continues unabated. This time the bill to place the Crime and Misconduct Commission under political control is criticised by retired judge Tony Fitzgerald. It was Fitzgerald who headed the Commission of Inquiry into Official Corruption in Queensland (1987-1989) which led to the formation … Continue reading Fitzgerald bags attorney general and his cronies

Mater nurses and midwives need your support TODAY

Dear friends, as I'm sure you are aware the public health system is under intense attack - both at a national level, but also currently by the Queensland government. The method they are using at present is to reduce the working conditions of all medical staff in hospitals, putting patient care at severe risk. We … Continue reading Mater nurses and midwives need your support TODAY

Foco Nuevo in April

Following on from our anniversary celebrations we continue to bring great live music; this month our guest performers are Nice Verdes and Sue Wighton. Nice Verdes first started playing music together back in 2003 when they met in Vancouver. Since then they have toured extensively throughout Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Guatemala and will be touring … Continue reading Foco Nuevo in April

Cloudland Collective on the Queensland Doctors’ Dispute

The Newman government’s attempts to push public hospital doctors onto unfair individual contracts is an attack on our public hospitals and on the rights of all those who work in the Queensland public sector. The proposed contracts will replace existing awards and certified agreements for 3000 Senior Medical Officers and the existing agreement for 800 … Continue reading Cloudland Collective on the Queensland Doctors’ Dispute

NASTY MEDICINE – Qld Health and the doctors dispute

The Cloudland Collective presents a community meeting.... NASTY MEDICINE - Qld Health and the doctors’ dispute Speakers include: Dr Brian Senewiratne Meeting details: 7pm Thursday 20 March Kurilpa Hall 174 Boundary St, West End The Newman government wants to impose contracts on doctors that would strip away vital working conditions like fatigue management and job … Continue reading NASTY MEDICINE – Qld Health and the doctors dispute

March in March — Brisbane

The March in March was a festive vote of no confidence in the Abbott government.  (Refer The Brisbane event is part of the national March in March movement and began in Matthew Donovan's bedroom. He got on facebook and organised one of the largest rallies in Brisbane for some time. My estimate based on … Continue reading March in March — Brisbane

Stephen Keim SC on how the bikie laws deny the right to work

Stephen Keim SC spoke at the meeting on 'Punitive Populism and the neoliberal agenda of the Newman government’. He spoke about how some of the provisions of the anti-association laws breach a fundamental human right - the right to work. Greg Brown The Cloudland Collective *** The Challenge to Equality before the Law: the Importance … Continue reading Stephen Keim SC on how the bikie laws deny the right to work

Toronto G20 – Main Conspiracy Group

[Editor's Note: In the lead up to Brisbane's G20 leaders summit in November 2014, activists would be well advised to read about the charges and how they came to be laid against activists before and during the Toronto G20. Toronto may be a long way from Brisbane but parallels do exist between the two.  There … Continue reading Toronto G20 – Main Conspiracy Group

The Cloudland Collective: G20 is neoliberal and dangerous

The G20 may not make decisions that can be imposed on member states. It may not have a public service working for it that can monitor to what extent member states have implemented G20 recommendations. Yet it is the most significant economic forum in the world. It serves to streamline neoliberal policies across the 20 … Continue reading The Cloudland Collective: G20 is neoliberal and dangerous

First Nations response to G20 meeting

DECOLONISATION BEFORE PROFIT PROGRAM Brisbane 8-14 November 2014 Saturday 8th Rally and march from Roma St Forum to Musgrave Park.  Welcome to Country ceremony.  Set up camp in Musgrave Park. Activities with a focus on First Nations and decolonisation in the park including films, music, forums, workshops, poetry, kids activities happening throughout the week. Sunday 9th Yarning … Continue reading First Nations response to G20 meeting

What is the meaning of ‘an aboriginal purpose’?

R v Wharton & Chitts: defence of the sacred fire -- Brisbane Central Magistrates Court, 26 February 2014. On 30 April 2012 two men, Wayne Wharton and Hamish Chitts, were arrested by armed police for 'obstruction' while attending an aboriginal ceremony in Musgrave Park. The two men were arrested while attempting to prevent council officers … Continue reading What is the meaning of ‘an aboriginal purpose’?

brisCAN-g20 working together discussion

(FB event) Sunday, March 2, 2014 10:00am Justice Place, 5 Abingdon Street Wooloongabba Allies, associates, adversaries take heed! At the first meeting of BrisCAN-G20 we asked people what they DID WANT and DID NOT WANT at actions against the G20 in Brisbane in November 2014. Going through these comments some common themes came out. … Continue reading brisCAN-g20 working together discussion

“The Whole World is Watching”: 1982

"The Whole World is Watching" (25 minutes) The idea of the video was to mobilise support for the Aboriginal protests planned to coincide with the Commonwealth Games in Brisbane in 1982. The filmmakers interviewed Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker), Gary Foley, Mick Miller, Josephine Sailor, Gwen De-mal Hall, Henry Collins, Lionel Fogarty, Norman Brown, Cheryl Buchanan, … Continue reading “The Whole World is Watching”: 1982

Open letter to Australia from Manus Island detainees

Photos have now surfaced of Manus Island immigration detainees.  Here, IA provides moving first-hand accounts from them speaking about their appalling conditions - along with more images detailing Australia's shame. Manus mother washing Manus mother washing. Is it because we have no family already in Australia? This was one question they asked us when interviewing … Continue reading Open letter to Australia from Manus Island detainees

MANUS has many victims

LOST DOCUMENTS ( by Australia) PLACE PEOPLE IN INDEFINITE DETENTION The information debacle in immigration which has seen 10,000 names and details of refugees exposed online has many faces. The first families who were taken to Manus are still in mainland detention centres becasue of lost Documentation. This has left the first victims of the … Continue reading MANUS has many victims

Police and locals run amok on Manus Island: scores injured

Scores of asylum seekers have been injured, some seriously as gangs of armed PNG police and locals go from compound to compound attacking any asylum seekers they can find.Asylum seekers were left defenceless when all staff and G4S guards were evacuated from the detention centre. Tension with groups of locals had been building throughout the … Continue reading Police and locals run amok on Manus Island: scores injured

Consumers will foot protest bill of $100k a day, says Santos

SARAH-JANE TASKER The Australian February 15, 2014 SANTOS has warned that protests at its Narrabri Gas Project in NSW -- where seven activists were arrested this week -- are forcing delays and adding costs to its development that will eventually flow to the end user. James Baulderstone, who heads up Santos's East Coast business, said … Continue reading Consumers will foot protest bill of $100k a day, says Santos

Cloudland Collective:- help needed

Hello all Tuesday’s rally and march in defence of civil liberties was a tremendous success. However the LNP’s authoritarian march continues with legislation enacted this week providing for punishment of organisers of “facebook parties” and protecting police from civil liability. Things will only change if there is more people involved in the active defence of … Continue reading Cloudland Collective:- help needed

Survival instinct – misuse of a taser

incredible! and appalling! the survival instinct. again an example of misuse of a taser because common sense clearly shows that it was not necessary by any normal standard to employ the taser for compliance purposes. i did say 'normal' however, police training and tactics is specifically aimed at protection of police at all costs, regardless … Continue reading Survival instinct – misuse of a taser

Griffith by-election 2014

An exuberant Rudd puts down a cracker at the Coorparoo Bowls club This by-election was made necessary by the resignation of former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd from the federal parliament and his seat of Griffith. When I first moved to Griffith in 1996 it was still a safe labor seat with working class suburbs of … Continue reading Griffith by-election 2014

Vulture Capitalism

I've just returned from Haiti and America where I've been filming my vulture capitalism documentary with New York film-maker Thor Neureiter (Papua New Guinea was visited late last year and Afghanistan is next on the list). Haiti is a challenging place and more than four years after the devastating earthquake the nation remains mired in … Continue reading Vulture Capitalism

DOCS Rally & March in Brisbane

DOCS Rally in Brisbane 10.30 am Roma Street Forum (under the big tree opposite Court Buildings) Thursday 13 Feb 2014 March to DOCS* 11:30 am 111 George Street, CBD In recent weeks people have come to tent embassy meetings in Musgrave Park speaking of DOCS taking their children away. This is a long running scandal … Continue reading DOCS Rally & March in Brisbane

Grandmothers demand apology

Grandmothers demand DOCS return stolen children on anniversary of apology Grandmothers and families from Gunnedah will rally outside NSW Parliament House today at 12.30pm to demand an end to what they say is a new Stolen Generation of Aboriginal children. Initiated by the newly formed group in Gunnedah, Grand-Mothers Against Removals (GMAR), the rally will … Continue reading Grandmothers demand apology

Demand Justice for Sheila Oakley!

A life flows like a river Darling, Down goes another Murri Wise men say only fools rush in So how do we respond to this Especially if, only one fella’s left from 'Two Train Singers' by ian curr Rally 11 am Saturday 15 Feb 2014 26 Jacaranda Avenue, Woodridge March on Logan Police Station! Contact: … Continue reading Demand Justice for Sheila Oakley!

Film Screening: the Gatekeepers

Believing Women for a Culture of Peace and Just Peace for Palestine present FILM SCREENING A documentary featuring interviews with all surviving former heads of Shin Bet, the Israeli security agency whose activities and membership are closely held state secrets. ‘Potent enough to alter how you see the world’ Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times ‘Dror … Continue reading Film Screening: the Gatekeepers

The town that was murdered

[Broadcast on PShift, 4zzz, fm 102.1, at noon on friday 7 feb 2014] We drove up to a small park in Acland to meet the town’s sole surviving citizen Glen. Trevor and I were invited to meet Glen by Nicki, an organiser of the Oakey Coal Action Alliance or OCCA for short. At the meeting … Continue reading The town that was murdered

You’ve got to be Jo(h)king: History, the Left and Queensland

(This is a guest post from a friend of The Word From Struggle Street Jon) It was the 40th anniversary of the Athens Polytechnic uprising recently. On the 17th of November 1973, tanks rolled onto campus, and in a bloody orgy of violence unwittingly sealed the demise of the regime of the Colonels. The Polytechnic … Continue reading You’ve got to be Jo(h)king: History, the Left and Queensland