Mater nurses and midwives need your support TODAY

Dear friends,

as I’m sure you are aware the public health system is under intense attack – both at a national level, but also currently by the Queensland government. The method they are using at present is to reduce the working conditions of all medical staff in hospitals, putting patient care at severe risk.

We know that public hospital doctors are currently rejecting the serious reduction in their conditions which the government is trying to make them accept with new contracts – thus compromising their capacity to deliver adequate medical service to patient. They are rallying this Tuesday afternoon outside Parliament house.

Nurses and midwives too are facing severe cuts in their conditions, and are gathering public support in their campaign to protect their working conditions, and their capacity to support patients, as they negotiate new “eneterprise agreements” with hospital management. The notice below contains a link to a petition which I would urge you to sign.

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spacerMater nurses and midwives need your support TODAY!

MaterDear all,

Mater public hospital nurses and midwives need your support today.

Click here to sign the petition in support of Mater nurses and midwives

Nurses and midwives at the Mater Public Hospital have been waiting for a wage increase for over three years. They are now 9% behind Queensland Health nurses and midwives, even though they do the same work.

The worst part is Mater doesn’t even have to pay for the wage increase – they’ve already been given taxpayer funding by the state government.

So why isn’t Mater passing on the money?

Because Mater management want nurses and midwives to give up a whole raft of existing working conditions.

Despite repeated requests from the QNU, Mater won’t give us any details about their current financial situation. So much for transparency and accountability with public money.

Mater nurses and midwives have already voted down two substandard offers from Mater management. Recently, they voted to take protected industrial action. Mater’s response? Fork out the big bucks for two top-level lawyers from Ashurst – the same law firm Qantas boss Alan Joyce used in 2011 to attack workers during the Qantas lockout – and fly them in to stymie the action.

Not once, but TWICE.

The Fair Work Commission affirmed nurses’ and midwives’ right to take some protected industrial action, subject to properly meeting the requirements of the Industrial Relations Act.

Now, Mater have put out a THIRD substandard agreement.

The QNU Branch at Mater has now passed a vote of no confidence in Mater CEO John O’Donnell.

As Queensland taxpayers have provided the funding for the wage increases, we are asking Health Minister Lawrence Springborg to intervene and resolve the situation.

Throughout the negotiations, nurses and midwives have stood firm. The working environment at Mater has become exceptionally difficult – but every day the nurses and midwives show up to deliver exceptional care.

That’s why they need your support now. The third substandard agreement is currently out for ballot, and voting closes on Thursday 3 April. We are asking them to just vote NO.

Please help us show Mater nurses and midwives they are not alone. They need to hear from their fellow nurses and midwives today – please distribute this information to your friends, family, and colleagues, and ask them to sign the petition and send messages of support today.

Click here to sign the petition in support of Mater nurses and midwives

Thank you in anticipation of your support for Mater nurses and midwives.

Kind regards,

Beth Mohle
QNU Secretary

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