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  1. Silent No More! says:


    Police, DOCSs, QCAT, Housing Collude!
    There is open collusion between Queensland government agencies against the poor.

    For a long time, Police, Department of Community Services, QCAT (Justice Department) and Department of Housing & Public Works have swapped private information about their clients.

    The information is not validated or scrutinised – it is based on malicious rumour. The information gathered is often highly personal in nature. Department of Housing are ‘mapping’ peoples social situation, their relationships and their private conversations.

    And this information is used to take away public housing and children.

    Now housing wants to kick aboriginal people out of their houses – motivated by discrimination and race.

    The civil rights movement in the united states fought against this kind of discrimination.

    When Obama comes to the G20 in November, we should ask him how he feels, a product of the civil rights movement, coming to a state where blackfellas are tipped out of their houses because of the colour of their skin.

    We can’t let them do this! Silent No More!


    Ian Curr
    Feb 2014

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