Cloudland Collective:- help needed

Hello all

Tuesday’s rally and march in defence of civil liberties was a tremendous success. However the LNP’s authoritarian march continues with legislation enacted this week providing for punishment of organisers of “facebook parties” and protecting police from civil liability.

Things will only change if there is more people involved in the active defence of civil liberties. One way people can help is by helping to get word out about campaign meetings.

This Saturday morning from 8 – 10am we will be handing out leaflets to promote the public meeting later this month (leaflet attached). We will have an information stall near the Montague Rd entrance to the Davies Park markets.

If you can help give us a call on 0409 877 528, or just turn up. Drop by if you want to pick up a bundle of leaflets to distribute elsewhere. Any assistance will be helpful.

Kind regards
for the Cloudland Collective

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