brisCAN-g20 working together discussion

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Justice Place, 5 Abingdon Street Wooloongabba

Allies, associates, adversaries take heed!

At the first meeting of BrisCAN-G20 we asked people what they DID WANT and DID NOT WANT at actions against the G20 in Brisbane in November 2014.

Going through these comments some common themes came out. Many people are thinking about: strategy; community participation; violence; post-G20 organising; working together (across political beliefs); public perception and police.

Our ideas about these themes inform the ways that we will choose, as individuals and groups, to organise and participate in actions against the G20 as well as inform our organising more broadly. At the third BrisCAN-G20 meeting people agreed that in the lead up to the summit we should have some discussions around these themes.

The first of these sessions will take place on the 2nd March from  10am-12pm at Justice Place, 5 Abingdon Street, Wooloongabba.

These discussions will be facilitated in ‘popular education’ style, which means the starting point is the lived experiences of the people involved in the discussion. These experiences are shared and reflected upon with the hope that people can then understand each other’s experiences better; understand how all our experiences fit into bigger contexts and; how our acting together can change our realities. It’s a grassroots approach to education – starting from the everyday and ending with bigger systems.

The first topic we’ve decided to tackle, most aptly, is “Working Together”. Comments on this theme included ideas about unity and diversity, conflict, outside co-optation, solidarity and cooperation, so it promises to be a jam-packed session! At the end of this session we aim to create a draft participants agreement for BrisCAN-G20 that will put us in good stead to work together in the lead up to the G20 and beyond.

We hope to see you there! 2nd March from 10am-12pm at Justice Place, 5 Abingdon Street, Wooloongabba.

Eliza and Emma

Childcare/help available on request.
Please RSVP so we have an idea of numbers for food and workshop participation.
Eliza: 0421 472 465



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