Toronto G20 – Main Conspiracy Group

[Editor’s Note: In the lead up to Brisbane’s G20 leaders summit in November 2014, activists would be well advised to read about the charges and how they came to be laid against activists before and during the Toronto G20. Toronto may be a long way from Brisbane but parallels do exist between the two.  There are three events where local parallels can be found – the 1982 Commonwealth Games, Brisbane Expo 88 and the Bicentennial in the same year. I recommend activists look to both local and international parallels in their planning for am alternative G20 in Brisbane  – Ian Curr, March 2014.]

The G20 was an unprecedented event in Southern Ontario for the scale of its security. The state spent more than a billion dollars on security for the event, more than five times the amount spent on any of the previous G20 summits.

A large swath of downtown was surrounded by a security fence, with the roads leading in guarded by militarized checkpoints.

In the two weeks leading up to June 26, 2010, police patrolled downtown in squads of ten or more. There were 18,000 police brought into the city from all across the country.

Apart from these swarms of thugs, the normally bustling streets of Canada’s largest city were eerily empty. Please read on by clicking here: torontoconspiracy

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