Israel trashes Palestinian cultural centres in East Jerusalem

To Mr Mark Sofer, Israeli ambassador to Australia Dear Mr Sofer, Today I received the shocking news about the storming of the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music and the Yabous Cultural Centre in East Jerusalem on July 22 ( Suhail Khoury, (General Director, National Conservatory of Music) stated that he and his wife, Rania, … Continue reading Israel trashes Palestinian cultural centres in East Jerusalem

Urban Revolution

“La Révolution urbaine first appeared in 1970, in the aftermath of the May 1968 uprising in Paris. Cities around the world from Detroit to Tokyo, Prague to Mexico City, were the scene of major revolts ... and ...culminated in worldwide challenges to capitalism, war, racism, patriarchy, imperialism, and the alienation of modern urban life ...” … Continue reading Urban Revolution

Hiroshima remembered

Friends, 75 years ago was the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. You are invited to listen and watch the online presentation of the webinar (see flyer below) exploring the impacts of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 75 years ago. The issues to be addressed include the fate of the victims, arms control, … Continue reading Hiroshima remembered

How Police Unions Fight Reform

The blue wall - These cops look scared to me Many of the cops who made political arrests in Queensland during the street march campaign were also corrupt. Some of the nastiest ones were drug or alcohol dependent, and had poor personal relationships. Prior to demonstrations senior police used to put around pictures of people … Continue reading How Police Unions Fight Reform

26 July – ‘I come to offer my heart’

I have, let's see,that I have learned to read,to count,I have that I have learned to write,and to think,and to laugh.- Nicolás Guillén Australia-Cuba Friendship Society (Brisbane) commemorates 26 July On my brother's first birthday, the 26th July 1953, 160 young people, led by Fidel Castro launched an assault on the Moncada Garrison in Cuba's … Continue reading 26 July – ‘I come to offer my heart’

Chile Solidarity (Brisbane)

In you the wars and the flights accumulated.From you the wings of the song birds rose.You swallowed everything, like distance.Like the sea, like time. In you everything sank! - Pablo Neruda It is July 26th. A good day for Latin American people.  A day of revolutionary importance. The flag of the 26 July movement was … Continue reading Chile Solidarity (Brisbane)

Placemaking and and a ‘filter of fears’

This week (24 July 2020) the Paradigm Shift program was about "placemaking" with David Engwicht - what does it mean to create places designed for human and community flourishing? What are some examples? We also play some great songs about places in Brisbane. Listen at This is part I of a series of two … Continue reading Placemaking and and a ‘filter of fears’

26 Julio

TOMORROW AT 3 PM – 6 PM POETRY IN MOTION XVIII Facebook Live Public · Hosted by Lachlan Hurse and Australia—Cuba Friendship Society (Brisbane)Facebook LiveJoin us for an online presentation of music and poetry to remember the beginning of the Cuban Revolution – the 67th anniversary of the assault on the Moncada Barracks.

What have we got to do?

🚨 Content warning: Suicide If it was not already obvious, the Australian government is not going to change its mind about its cruel and unfair detention of refugees in Kangaroo Point Central Apartments. The government have detained 120 refugees in Brisbane since November 2019 after bringing them from PNG under Medevac legislation. Recently there have … Continue reading What have we got to do?

Peace Crimes

On 26 September 2016 Margie, Andy, Tim, Jim and Franz walked onto Pine Gap to participate in a lament of the wars and deaths it has enabled. They were all charged with entering a prohibited area, contrary to section 9(1) Defence (Special Undertakings) Act 1952 (Cth). Andy filmed the lament and was also charged with use of a camera in a prohibited area, contrary to section 17(1) Defence (Special Undertakings) Act 1952 (Cth. Maximum penalty for each offence is imprisonment for 7 years. Kieran Finnane tells the story of these peace activists in her book. Listen to Andy interviewing Kieran about her book, 'Peace Crimes'.

If Israel’s planned annexation goes ahead, can any response make a difference?

Despite the delay in Israel’s planned annexation of as much as 30 per cent of the West Bank, the prospect of the further erosion of their rights and territories often feels to Palestinians like a side-note when compared to the horrors and hardships they face every day. Late last month, another young Palestinian man, Ahmed … Continue reading If Israel’s planned annexation goes ahead, can any response make a difference?

Artists, Academics oppose annexation of Palestine

Advert in daily papers We are deeply concerned by the Australian government’s complicity in enabling the Israeli state to suppress the aspiration of the Palestinian people to self-determination. Last week, Australia was one of only two countries (with the Marshall Islands) to vote against a UN Human Rights Council resolution condemning the illegal annexation of … Continue reading Artists, Academics oppose annexation of Palestine

Voices inside KP prison

This week we speak with a couple of the refugees locked up inside the Kangaroo Point central apartments about 7 years in detention and the power of solidarity from the 24-7 vigil that has been happening there the last month. Listen at PlaylistPhil Monsour - Stand with usFarhad Bandesh - feat. Laura Jean - … Continue reading Voices inside KP prison

Busking for freedom at KP Prison

Last night I went to listen to musicians playing to the refugees detained inside kangaroo point central apartments. Prior to the concert I had a long talk with Laurie from a band called Soy Division. Laurie has been down several times and has played his harmonica and guitar busking with other musicians to raise the … Continue reading Busking for freedom at KP Prison

Growing food for refugees

Planting Refugee Solidarity garden On Sunday 50 people came together to plant our new garden in Kangaroo Point. In just under an hour all the beds were planted, fertilised, watered and mulched.We are growing nutritious food to give to refugees who are living in community detention.This means they can't travel interstate, they can't work, they … Continue reading Growing food for refugees

The 24 hour gym

WW II poster

By exposing the 24 Hour fitness gym is Andy Paine ‘throwing a wooden sabot into the machines to disrupt production‘?

Historians claim the poor workers of France in the 18th century used to throw their shoes (sabots) into the weaving machines to disrupt production. Workers hated the brutal conditions, low wages, the child labour, the loss of their manual weaving craft.

Feared by the capitalists these ‘saboteurs‘ were denounced as traitors to be dobbed in by lovers of freedom to exploit and democracy’s right to repress.

Sabot, now there is a word. It gave rise to the English word sabotage. Are you a saboteur? As depicted in this US poster from the World War II? During WW II US intelligence services utilised posters like these to attack the ‘saboteurs‘.

It was incorrectly claimed that French and English workers were acting in a clandestine manner when, in fact, they openly used their shoes to make a big noise of protest. It was later that Luddites in England actually destroyed the machines.

Anyway here is Andy’s take on the 24-hr Fitness Gym. – Ed.


There is something tragic but symbolic about a 24 hour gym. I can clearly recall the first time my mind really registered that these places existed, late one Friday night. Where I was headed as I passed by the gym is not the detail I remember – it’s the feeling of shock, of repulsion, at the sight of a couple of people spending their Friday night dutifully pounding the treadmill under flourescent light accompanied by the bland nothingness of the TV screen.

I should say here, I have nothing against gyms specifically. Nor am I attached at all to the hedonist notion that a Friday night should be for wild partying. While I’ve never been a gym member and I have my critiques of the role of the gym in our culture, I am an advocate for the virtues of looking after your physical health.

But late on a Friday…

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Maaates at Toondah Harbour

We post this article that appeared in today's Guardian written by BenSmeeMon 13 Jul 2020 03.30 AEST Toondah harbour wetlands: federal government faces legal action over secret details of donor meetings Australian Conservation Foundation has escalated FOI battle over development at protected wetlands site near Brisbane GJ Walter Park on Toondah Harbour in Queensland’s Moreton … Continue reading Maaates at Toondah Harbour

Covid 19 in Chile

Hello everyone! we are hosting a Completada! (Chilean hotdog fundraiser) to raise funds to send financial assistance for Chilean families and soup kitchens in Chile that are suffering due to the pandemic. 100% of the funds will go to these families and soup kitchens to assist in buying essentials such as food parcels, and basic … Continue reading Covid 19 in Chile

National Aboriginal Day

Today is National Aboriginal Day known as NAIDOC (The acronym stands for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee). Forty-two years ago Sam Watson Jnr gave a speech in King George Square about the Queensland Acts which kept Aboriginal people under control from birth through early life and death (and even after death). These 'Protection' … Continue reading National Aboriginal Day

Foreign Influence

The Editor The Canberra Times Thursday, July 9, is the 120th anniversary of Royal Assent to The Commonwealth of Australia Act. Neither plebiscites among enfranchised Australians nor motions in the colonial parliaments could bring about Federation. That required an Act of the British Parliament. British capitalists and their political agents were determined to maintain appeals … Continue reading Foreign Influence

Gone with the Wind

We publish a letter by Humphrey McQueen to the Canberra Times about taking the film Gone with the Wind from YouTube etc. __oOo__ The EditorThe Canberra Times Gone with the Wind should be permanently taken down from streaming platforms because you cannot see the burning of Atlanta on anything smaller than the screen for which it … Continue reading Gone with the Wind

In My Blood It Runs

I remember going out onto country with an Arrente Auntie and two strong aboriginal women from Meanjin. One was a proud Kuku Yalanji sister whose father was taken from country and told to walk to Cherbourg. The Arrente Auntie was telling us stories about colonisation as she drove across country west of Alice Springs near … Continue reading In My Blood It Runs

The Other Side of Hope

A very good film about a refugee's optimism in the face of indiscriminate bombing of his city, Aleppo . When asked by the immigration officer who did the bombing, he said I don't know. It happened while I was at work. It could have been anyone, rebels, ISIS (Daesh), the government. My sister had to … Continue reading The Other Side of Hope

National Weekend of Action: Stop Black Deaths in Custody

NATIONAL WEEKEND OF ACTION: STOP BLACK DEATHS IN CUSTODY4-5 July 2020 Today kicks-off a weekend of protests around the country to Stop Black Deaths in Custody. The first National Weekend of Action Protest will kick off in Kempsey on today, followed by Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide and Perth on tomorrow finishing up on Sunday with protests … Continue reading National Weekend of Action: Stop Black Deaths in Custody

Climate Denial by Murdoch Press

The US Murdoch media empire has a hold over Australian life in every aspect.  In particular the Murdoch media voice is upholding subservience to the US military industrial complex and the constant US wars. Just Peace and friends met at Bowen Hills this Saturday 4th July at 11:00am to protest against Murdoch's climate denial.  They … Continue reading Climate Denial by Murdoch Press

IPAN: increase in military expenditure unjustified and destabilising

A number of groups have come out strongly against the $270 billion to be spent on defence announced by the Australian government last week. A local group, the Independent & Peaceful Australian Network (IPAN), has issued this press release. Increase in Military Expenditure Unjustified and Destabilising The Australian Government’s increase in military expenditure is pure … Continue reading IPAN: increase in military expenditure unjustified and destabilising

New Coal Mines in Australia

We will be loud against the silenceAngry at the greedWe will not begWe are defiantTell it like it is– Phil Monsour and the crisis actors, ‘Our House is on fire‘ The global climate deal reached at the Paris climate talks left a big question unanswered: what do to about coal? It isn’t even mentioned in … Continue reading New Coal Mines in Australia

Mass arrests at KP Blockade

An Account from One of the Sunday Arrestees on the Arrests, a Trip to the Watchhouse, and What Police Do When Nobody’s Watching “We tried to feed the men inside home-cooked food from a local refugee-run restaurant. We placed the meals up on the walls. Refugee Solidarity - placing food on the walls of KP … Continue reading Mass arrests at KP Blockade

Australia’s Grand Military Plans

This week, Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, announced that his government would not sacrifice our sovereignty. Strangely there is bipartisan support for joint defence facilities on Australian soil. These include Pine Gap, Northwest Cape, Maralinga, Woomera - all part of joint defence arrangements with the United States and the United Kingdom. Former Labor senator Sam … Continue reading Australia’s Grand Military Plans