The Other Side of Hope

A very good film about a refugee’s optimism in the face of indiscriminate bombing of his city, Aleppo . When asked by the immigration officer who did the bombing, he said I don’t know. It happened while I was at work. It could have been anyone, rebels, ISIS (Daesh), the government. My sister had to go somewhere and so she was not bombed. When we got home the whole block had been demolished. Neighbours helped us dig. We found our mother, father all the family. Khaled said.

He was refused asylum by the Finnish court.

Set against the current refugee crisis, this bittersweet comedy by Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki follows two people searching for a place to call home. Displaced Syrian Khaled lands in Helsinki as a stowaway; meanwhile, middle-aged salesman Wikström leaves behind his wife and job and buys a conspicuously unprofitable seafood restaurant. After Khaled is denied asylum, he decides not to return to Aleppo – and the paths of the two men cross fortuitously.

Director Aki Kaurismaki
Cast Ville Virtanen Kati Outinen Tommi Eronen
Language Finnish
Subtitle English
Country Finland
Year 2017
Genre Comedy
Last Aired Wednesday 8 January 2020—  SBS