Australia’s Grand Military Plans

This week, Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, announced that his government would not sacrifice our sovereignty. Strangely there is bipartisan support for joint defence facilities on Australian soil. These include Pine Gap, Northwest Cape, Maralinga, Woomera – all part of joint defence arrangements with the United States and the United Kingdom.

Former Labor senator Sam Dastyari says that the government is “pissing its spend on military up against the wall”.

New Corp reckons Fortress Australia is in the making.

According to the Murdoch Press that has extensive interests China this is “precisely what China warned us against.

According to Scott Morrison the $270 billion budget is to be spent on cyber warfare, underwater surveillance systems, space communication networks – and high-powered strike missiles.

Australia’s Secret Bases

Click on these images to see slideshow of Australia’s secret military installations.

What can be done?
Different groups have responded to the announcement.

Just Peace proposes to challenge the Murdoch Press on American Independence Day fourth of July.

Just Peace Flyer

Local peace activist Robin Taubenfeld asks:

Q. “Which Covid response makes sense to you?”

1. Global ceasefire: The UN Security Council has actually passed a resolution for this.

2. Increased military spending and war preparation: The Australian government has just committed $270billion to acquire long-range missiles plus more.

Ms Taubenfeld says: I know where I stand!


Robin protesting Joint Australian/US military exercises near Rockhampton

Former Labor Senator Sam Dastyari says:

“Today’s $270bn defence announcement would be better spent on free gym membership than missiles. At least that would give Australia a gun show we can appreciate.

In case you missed the big news today, a bunch of former high school misfits turned politicians are planning to compensate for everything they lack by spending another $270 billion on defence. This time on missiles. A “anti-ballistic missile shield” which sounds just like what it is – a bunch of words designed to sound impressive.

$270bn is not a small pile of cash. Particularly for missiles we don’t need and will never use. The idea came from the usual crowd of think tanks and bureaucrats trying to justify their own jobs. That’s the Canberra game. Write a paper claiming the apocalypse is near, then get the Government to fund equipment that will be obsolete by the time it is actually built.”

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Ian Curr
3 July 2020

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