Discoveries of Cook

Two hundred and fifty (250) years after Cook's landing at Botany Bay WBT publishes this essay 'Discoveries of Cook' by Humphrey McQueen, rejected by Meanjin for being 'too erudite' - Ed. WARNING: Readers are notified that this publication may contain names or images of deceased persons. __oOo__ Discoveries of Cook And in a charge of … Continue reading Discoveries of Cook

‘Spoiler’ helps Mayor in Redlands

Toondah Harbour, the gateway to Straddie, was decisive in the recent Mayoral elections in the Redlands on Moreton Bay. Although more than 50% voted against her, the incumbent, Karen Williams, won. One of the candidates ran a spoiling dirty campaign against Claire Richardson, an opponent to the Toondah Harbour development. It seems the crony capitalists … Continue reading ‘Spoiler’ helps Mayor in Redlands

History as Myth/Propaganda

Paradigm Shift (4ZZZ fm 102.1 Fridays at noon) April 24, 2020 This week we chat with historian Peter Stanley about "history as mythology". With this week marking the anniversary of ANZACs landing at Gallipoli and James Cook landing at Botany Bay, we ask questions about how stories from the past are used to shape the … Continue reading History as Myth/Propaganda

Setting the record straight on the illegal detention of Cornelia Rau

Media and journalists remain an essential independent mechanism in an unregulated detention system where only recommendations can be made by HR agencies. These have no regulatory capacity only advisory. Media pressure is all there is to engage Australians to pressure political reps. Media provides truth and facts in a policy area defined by secrecy and misinformation.

Foco Nuevo celebrates May Day under Covid-19

In lieu of their regular monthly Foco Nuevo concert in Brisbane, Australia, Jumping Fences - Sue Monk and Lachlan Hurse - will live-stream a collection of their original songs. Sue's warm voice, supported by distinctive arrangements with guitar and electric bass bring a freshness to contemporary folk songs that capture unique stories about everyday life.8.00 … Continue reading Foco Nuevo celebrates May Day under Covid-19

Anzac Day – ‘for God, King & Empire’

Bogaine Scuthorpe-Spearim holds a placard at the Anzac Memorial in Brisbane 2020 Boe Spearim is right ... my ancestors were involved in a brutal war against aboriginal people in this country. One of my ancestors, Montague Curr, murdered five aboriginal people near Kamileroi station on the Gilbert River up in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Vale Janet Allison

With my sister beside meI am strong, I am freeWhen she’s with meWith my sister beside meI am strong, I am freeShe believes in me-Tiddas 'Woman got no history' <img src="; alt="<strong>Left to right: Marlene Cummins, Hone Tuwhare, unidentified, Janet Allison (centre, at back), Louise Butt, and Peter Gray at Commonwealth Writers Festival in the … Continue reading Vale Janet Allison

Pandemic – ‘behold a pale horse’

Six MONTHS BEFORE the Armistice ended the Great War a new and more deadly scourge was unleashed upon the world  Popularly known as 'Spanish' flu it killed twenty million people within twelve months  Australia remained free of infection for much of that time, but by the end of 1919 all 'Australian States shared a death toll of 12,000.  No one knew precisely what the disease was, or how to cure or prevent it.  Was the Australian version simply a more virulent strain of the influenza which recurred every year, as claimed by the Director of Quarantine? The Federal structure of Australian government was ignored, as States closed their borders: was Victoria responsible for allowing infection to spread to the rest of Australia as many New South Welshmen alleged? Or was the Pandemic a continuation of God's punishments, the fulfilment  of Apocalyptic prophecy?"

Make or break?

WBT reprints this article by Andy Payne ... a thoughtful travel log of left-wing dreams we have all experienced at one time or another. The Horn of Plenty in Reservoir, Melbourne could well be AHIMSA (Peace) house or the West End Resource Centre many years before. AHIMSA is now a construction site for a school … Continue reading Make or break?

Covid-19 plea for Assange

Julian Assange took on the US Wikileak'd ten years war in Afghanistan Julian roams downstairs in Woolwich Court Thinking what would Pilger and Ellsberg do now? - Ian Curr Last Train to Mirabad Dr John Jiggens (Bay FM) presents interviews with Assange's partner Stella Morris, his father, John Shipton, and a speech given by Tasmanian … Continue reading Covid-19 plea for Assange

When will we ever learn …?

This is Paradigm Shift broadcast on 4ZZZ fm 102.1 Fridays at Noon and I'm Ian. This week we ask: "Is deployment of US Marines to Australia a question of sovereignty"? The US marines announced on 20 March 2020 that they were suspending their annual deployment to Darwin that has been part of a joint agreement between the … Continue reading When will we ever learn …?

Cities in Masks

"There is no more time. We have no more in-patient beds, we are constrained to reuse individual protection equipment, and in many situations the equipment that is available isn’t suitable. We are in constant danger. There is no longer even the time to cry, except at the end of our long, punishing shifts. We are … Continue reading Cities in Masks

Work, Covid 19 & Universal Basic Income

Listen to Professor John Quiggin discussing universal basic income in connection with the covid-19 crisis. the Australian government has introduced a job keeper allowance of $1,500 a fortnight for 6 months. is this a keynesian UBI or is it away of changing Australia's workforce y shedding vulnerable and older workers. Note that the job keeper payment is to employers and not to workers. note also that the $130 billion dollar cost of the scheme may be reduced by inflation down the track.

Cuban Posters

A friend has reminded me that in the 1960s & early 70s Cuban posters such as these used to hang on the walls of the University of Queensland Student Union Building. As the world fights an international battle against the coronavirus pandemic, Cuba has once again proved itself a paragon of internationalism and solidarity. In … Continue reading Cuban Posters

Bushman’s code of honour

Refugees from 'Wild Time' In Chloe Hooper’s book The Tall Man the Doomadgee family describes the period of the 1860s and 70s in North Queensland as the Wild Time. I describe here Curr family involvement in Frontier Wars in the Gulf Country. Members of the Curr family moved to North Queensland in 1862. My Grandfather, … Continue reading Bushman’s code of honour

NSW report on Covid 19

Interesting interview with NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, police and health officials. NSW Premier says that 103,000 people have been tested in NSW so far which is good but that's 0.7% of the population which is very little data to base wide-ranging conclusions upon. 2182 people have tested positive in NSW.That's 2.11% of those tested have … Continue reading NSW report on Covid 19

Radical wins in West End

The Lizard, West End Brisbane Congratulations Jonathan Sri in the Gabba Ward in Brisbane Council elections. After preferences were allocated Jonathan Sri has won over 68% of the vote. He has made the Gabba Ward a safe seat for the greens. This is a resounding win for radical politics, for Jonno's hard work and the … Continue reading Radical wins in West End