‘Spoiler’ helps Mayor in Redlands

Toondah Harbour, the gateway to Straddie, was decisive in the recent Mayoral elections in the Redlands on Moreton Bay. Although more than 50% voted against her, the incumbent, Karen Williams, won. One of the candidates ran a spoiling dirty campaign against Claire Richardson, an opponent to the Toondah Harbour development. It seems the crony capitalists have done it again. – Ed.

Close Mayoral result in Redlands (vote after preferences distributed from ECQ website)


A section of the Ramsar protected Toondah tidal wetlands, with a Stradbroke ferry in the background. If the Toondah real estate scheme is allowed to proceed, this beautiful scene will be replaced by around 40 high-rise buildings up to 10 storeys high.
Photo by Chris Walker of a section of the Ramsar protected Toondah wetlands before sunrise. North Stradbroke Island can be seen in the distance. Photo first published by Save our Bay – Toondah Harbour last year.