NSW report on Covid 19

Interesting interview with NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, police and health officials. NSW Premier says that 103,000 people have been tested in NSW so far which is good but that’s 0.7% of the population which is very little data to base wide-ranging conclusions upon.

2182 people have tested positive in NSW.

That’s 2.11% of those tested have Covid19 and of those there have been 9 deaths. That’s a death rate of 0.41%. Overseas, in Italy and China they are reporting higher death rates of approximately 5%. How do authorities account for the difference in the data?

They speak about COVID-19 after police have imposed fines and about lack of personal protection equipment for health workers.

A policeman stopped friends at the NSW border returning to Qld from Melbourne. The cop was not wearing a mask nor did he have gloves. He asked what they were doing in Melbourne but did not ask if they had been in contact with people returning from overseas or been in contact with people with symptoms. He provided no information and just waved them on.
That cop is a danger to himself and others.

Police need more training and a list of important questions to ask.