PShift: ‘I read the news today, oh boy’ – Homer’s interview with K Rudd

Doorstop with kevin rudd about leadership crisis in government. Broadcast on 4Zzz PShift 12 at noon on fridays (22 mar 2013). No sound available – mp3 of interview confiscated from station log pending investigation by Press Council of Australia. this tale is yet another first in the annals of homer, the sovereign tent embassy mascot who has recently branched out into radio. The latest charges against Homer can be found in the documents – the-queen-v-homer

PShift: Could you please introduce yourself?

Rudd: I am kevin rudd, member for Griffith and the 26th prime minister of Australia. I was leader from 2007 till 2010 when I was deposed prior to the election and the labor party government under the leadership of Julia Gillard became a minority government dependent on the greens and the cross benches.

PShift: How can there be a leadership crisis without a challenger?

PShift: What crisis? I fully support the current leadership of the minority labor government and have said so consistently over the past few hours. I will only accept the leadership if it becomes overwhelmingly obvious that my colleagues wish me to become leader.

PShift: have you any comment about the moves in the last few hours where former treasurer and now deposed arts minister went for spill of the leadership.

Rudd: My colleagues have been concerned about our ratings in the polls under the current leadership. What Simon does is his business. It is an objective fact that if there were an election today tony abbott and julie bishop would take power from julia and wayne.

PShift: Where were you yesterday – were you in the party room when the spill motion came up?

Rudd: now let me see, I was in morningside in the morning – that’s where my electoral office is, 620 wynuum road morningside in Brisbane. i was servicing the needs of my electorate with my capable staff – we are campaigning for better industrial relations, on climate change, the “education revolution”, a roll out of the National Broadband Network, and improving health. We are standing up for the southside on disability insurance.

PShift: Can we talk about the leadership crisis in the labor party?

Rudd: There is no leadership crisis, julia and wayne have my full support. I confess there are difficulties because Australians really would prefer not to have a woman prime minister.

PShift: Why do you say that? Your wife, therese rein, has been a very successful business woman, why shouldn’t Julia be a very successful prime minister.

Rudd: making money in business and running the country are entirely different matters. therese is successful because she is hard working and focused on getting people back to work. Policy settings in government require a different set of hands on the wheel – australians know that.

PShift: margaret thatcher ruled Britain with an iron first through the 1980s – she was elected for four terms.

Rudd: the english had the falklands war and a sense of nationalism that Australians lack, we are too irish to allow a margaret thatcher type to run Australia. Australians have a larrikin streak and are not ready for a woman to lead. Nonetheless I give Julia my full support. I promised that I would a few hours ago and will continue to do my best for the labor party and for the government of Australia in the interests of all, no matter which side you are on.

PShift: did simon crean telephone you to tell you he would be making a call for a vote on the leadership of the labor party and therefore on who would be prime minister?

Rudd: I haven’t spoken to simon since the seqeb dispute in 1985, he was very concerned about industrial anarchy brought on by bjelke-petersen when he sacked 1002 electricity workers employed by the state owned southern electricity board of queensland. What simon does down there in Melbourne is his business. Simon and I are old friends concerned about the level of industrial unrest – do you realise that queensland has by far the largest number of strikes than any other state since campbell newman took over from anna bligh?

PShift: well the liberal-national party government in queensland have sacked 14,000 public servants…

Rudd: you forget my friend I was chief of staff in the queensland public service under wayne goss from 1989 till 1996.i know how public servants are feeling.

PShift: I still can’t understand how you can have a leadership crisis without a challenger?

Rudd: I know the ABC were running that story last night, but I am getting on with looking after the good people of Griffith and will not, will not challenge julia before the next election. The key issue is not the leadership it is the policy settings in government.

PShift: your twitter account never talks about the crisis in leadership, why is that?

Rudd: my twitter account is there to let people know what I am doing in my electorate and what speeches I make in parliament.

PShift: taking one quote from your twitter account, it says you (quote) ‘Spoke in Parliament about Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts – terrific academy for young Indigenous talent.’ (unquote). Why don’t you say that you are going down to musgrave park this sunday (24 mar 2013) to support the corroboree organised by brisbane’s sovereign tent embassy?

Rudd: I am still waiting for an apology from the tent embassy mob for being in my electoral office after they had been asked to leave by my office manager and after they assaulted my staff?

PShift: come on, they didn’t assault anyone, they asked for one of the free flags that your electoral office gives out.

Rudd: I have told my staff to only give out aboriginal flags to people who can prove by the production of letter that they are members of an aboriginal organisation preferably a corporation. …

PShift: why?

Rudd: we must ensure that the flags are given out to responsible people not people hell-bent on raising issues of sovereignty and causing unnecessary trouble in the community. Just look at the leadership I showed when I made the apology to the stolen generation. We have a constitution to uphold and I have raised the need to have a preamble added to the constitution to recognise aboriginal people. These people down at the tent embassy do not represent aboriginal people, I do.

PShift: sorry, did you just say that you represent aboriginal people?

Rudd: well yes in our democracy I am elected by the people of Griffith to represent all people in my electorate including aboriginal people.

PShift: why haven’t you shown leadership and gone down to musgrave park and supported the tent embassy?

Rudd: I have been down there.

PShift: Yes, at 5am in the morning hardly a time to show your public support for the aboriginal people who are trying to practice their law and culture?

Rudd: I seem to recall we have had this conversation before, which station did you say you were from?

PShift: 4ZZZ, I am from the paradigm shift, fridays at noon.

Rudd: didn’t I report you to the press council?

PShift: I think we will have to leave it there.

[Editor’s note: This interview was made impossible by the QUEENSLAND BAIL ACT 1980 Section 20(5)(b) — because the interviewer is prohibited from going in person to Kevin Rudd’s electoral office (and by implication anywhere near k rudd).

The conditions of bail are:
(1) I (Homer) must appear and surrender into custody of MAGISTRATES COURT at:
Date: 27/03/2013
Time: 09:00 AM


It is lawful for a police officer to arrest you, without warrant, if a police officer reasonably suspects –

(i) you are likely to contravene, are contravening or have contravened a condition of the undertaking;

(ii) a surety has given to a police officer written notice stating the surety wishes to be relieved of the obligation of being a surety for you because the surety believes you are likely to contravene the condition of your appearance;

(iii) you are directly or indirectly harassing or interfering with a person who may be required to give evidence relating to the offence for which you have been released on bail.

In these circumstances  one option open to the interviewer was to find quotes from k rudd and create this record of interview that  reflects his views on the leadership of the alp.

Such is democracy!

Homer visited the office of his local member (musgrave park is in the seat of griffith currently held by k rudd) and was arrested because I made a simple complaint that k rudd had failed in his duty to aboriginal constituents who wish to carry on their law and culture in Musgrave Park.

Find out for yourself what sovereignty means — come down to musgrave park, for tent embassy meetings on wednesdays at 6pm or to the corroboree 12 noon sunday 24 mar 2013]

Reference documents
Read k rudd’s police complaint about sovereignty in the-queen-v-homer

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