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  1. Peter Trengove says:

    How do I revoke the public trustee from my affairs. Can anyone help?

    1. I’m not sure where you’re from mate but I just revoked the trustees on behalf of my mother here in Tasmania. I imagine that’s it’s much the same process in whatever state you’re in. I was only able to revoke the Trustees for my mother because she had been foolish enough to voluntarily name them an enduring power of attorney filed herself back in 2002. While she has lost ‘capacity’ and a Guardianship order has been placed on her there was no administration order placed to give the public trustee PA because she already had the existing enduring power of attorney. Because that was a voluntary assignment and I was able to get a geriatrician psychologist 2 make it an assessment and write a report giving opinions that my mother still had the capacity to understand & legal documents and the ramifications she could therefore revoke the voluntary pa bye appointing a new PA at the same time. So I’m now power of attorney on her behalf.

      , in order to revoke a power of attorney in Tasmania you should contact the lands titles office and file the revocation application with them. You can obtain the the necessary forms from the Guardianship Board web site.


      Then you need to contact the trustees and inform them they are no longer your power of attorney. Make sure you do this and all other corrospondense via email if possible so there is a provable paper trail of dates and etc tho.

      Although i have been successful at revoking the PT they are stalling and dodging and at this moment have have yet to actually return the 100k they were ‘managing’ for my mother. Its only been 7 days tho so its early days still yet but i anticipate needing the services of a firm lawyer to make things advance from here.

      1. Thanks for that information, Blake. In Queensland where WBT is published, the government insists that the Public Trustee fund its own operation. This means that the Public trustee’s office is left to its own devices with little oversight of how its manages people’s affairs and estates. It draws future clients in by offering a fee will service.

        For the Public Trustee to be properly accountable it should be part of the public service and its should offer its services to ordinary people to enable them to get their affairs in order before they pass away. That is why the public trustee was set up in the first place. I don’t mean for the milliionaires, I mean for ordinary workers.

        Ian Curr
        19 Nov 2021

  2. BushTelegraph says:

    Hello Peter,

    This response is a long time coming but recent experience has prompted me to reply here, perhaps for the benefit of other readers.

    You can apply to Queensland Civil Administration Tribunal [QCAT] to revoke the appointment of the Public Trustee. QCAT claims to be “an independent tribunal which works to actively resolve dispute and deliver justice in a way that is efficient, expert, accessible and flexible.”

    The Public Trustee has a building full of lawyers who will defend its position. It is an adversarial system cloaked in informality. QCAT is comprised of lawyers who will not see your point of view unless you are very well prepared.

    If you get a lawyer the exercise can be expensive.

    In October 2014, the Public Trustee helped the Public Guardian (OPG) abduct an old fella from his home and put him in a high secure dementia facility over 100 kilometres away from his friends. The Qld Public Trustee locked his carer out of his home and had police arrest the carer for trespass. The old fella remains locked up based on a single ACAT assessment that says he needs help.

    The best QCAT could come up with in response to this elder abuse was a decision on 30th Jan 2015 (it took them over three months to complete the review):

    “The Public Guardian shall provide to the Tribunal within three (3) months a report detailing what further accommodation decisions, if any, have been made on behalf of XXXX XXXX* and the reasons for those decisions, or the lack thereof.”

    [*Naming the person is prohibited by QCAT].

    Ian Curr
    19 Feb 2015

  3. Drunk guy at the pub says:

    From my experience, both QCAT & the Public Trustee are utterly inept numbskulls intent only on weilding power over anyone unfortunate to fall into their clutches. Neither common sense nor published guidelines mean anything and what passes for ‘rules’ are typically made up on the fly in order to support the most moronic decisions. Furthermore, the clowns will go to any lengths deemed necessary to cover their arses..Under the Noddy Newman / Boy Blunder fascist regime, virtually all checks and balances were rendered useless, one can only hope that Annastacia Alphabet & her tribe will honor pre-election promises to fix the mess. I’d dearly love to hear from anyone on the warpath against QCAT / Public Trustee in the interests of bringing both entities to account.

  4. Do not ever use the public trustee tohandle your estate after you pass away they are a money hungry company and don’t not care about what’s in your best interest the managed my mums estate and have not handled it well at all they have sold her property without reason against my wishes it had been 3 months since they auctioned the property costing $18,000 just for the auction and then another 2.25% of the sale price which was valued at $340,000 and they sold it for only $305,000 their total bill is over $40,000 to date and that isn’t the finally figure for their services yet. My advise get a lawyer family member or friend even a stranger would be better suited to do the job than the public trustee. It’s been a complete nightmare

  5. The triune beast (QCAT/ Adult Guardian / Public Trustee) is a satanic organization capable of convincing even the most fanatic dis-believer in super-natural beings that there really is a supreme evil on planet earth. Legislation endows these bottom-feeding parasites with almost total immunity to any oversight, review, audit or investigation, consequently most forms of recourse are doomed to failure. Legal avenues are limited value in a kangaroo court / star chamber that doesn’t recognize any statute or common law as relevant.

    QCAT has threatened all media companies operating in Australia with contempt actions if they so much as mention QCAT or its co-conspirators, which is why you’ll never see an expose’ in a mainstream newspaper or television show.

    That said, the Committee to Expose the Public Trustee has made significant progress in bringing the imps (correct name for offspring of a devil) to account. Anyone seriously interested in making a contribution is welcome to get in contact with the committee.

    As Roxy correctly notes, ANYONE would be a preferable executor to the Public Trustee, but be aware that published records show QCAT has often over-ruled Wills and EPOA’s in favour of its Public Trustee controller. A bit of explanation on that.

    The Public Trustee is like a mutant canine that wags two tails, one being QCAT and the other the Adult Guardian.

    The Public Trustee is ‘probably’ controlled by the Queensland Investment Corporation which in turn is believed to have its strings pulled by big money.

  6. Yes Minister says:

    To the best of my knowledge, only five victims of the guardianship racket in Australia with significant remaining assets (three in Queensland, one in NSW and one in Tasmania) have ever fully escaped and regained full control of their affairs. That represents five wins out of around thirty thousand cases in the past ten years. Readers can calculate the odds for themself. A few others with only petty cash estates (less than $100,000) also escaped because there was nothing the scum could gain by opposing the victims. BTW, money disappears very quickly with trustee barristers chewing up $40,000 per day. The two most recent victories involved international action because the entire Australian legal-judicial racket is corrupt to the core. Legislation creates an incestuous relationship between the kangaroo tribunals and trustee extortion crime gangs and no court in this country will even look sideways at the criminals which enjoy total protection / immunity.

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