Brisbane peace action update

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From: gml

Subject: Brisbane peace action update

Date: 24 July 2013 3:44:30 PM AEST

Hi folks!

Yes we are doing our weekly rally/vigil for Manning, Assange etc in King
Georges Square tomorrow Thursday 4-5:30 pm.

Bradley Manning’s trial is likely to end in the next week or two, so
please keep an eye out for the verdict. The judge has ruled that he must
face the charge of “aiding the enemy”, so this verdict will be hugely
important for Free Speech in the USA.

Meanwhile this week, a bunch of Brisbane activists have been up in
Rockhampton protesting the $50m+ Talisman Sabre “war games”. You may have
heard that two USAF planes dropped four bombs on the Great Barrier Reef.
This story was originally reported by NBC and it is possible Australian
media might never have picked it up if local activists including Adele
Goldie and Robin Taubenfeld had not alerted them.

We enjoyed a great concert on the beach at Yeppoon on Sunday after a peace
march through town. Two brave activists, Graeme Dunstan and Greg Rolles,
have since entered the military base, where they have restored a peace
shrine – and even stopped a military convoy! For details and inspiring
pics please help spread this link:

Please also help alert politicians and the media to Graeme and Greg’s
presence in the Shoalhave military training zone. We are demanding the
Talisman Saber war rehearsals be stopped while they are on the base.

You can also help by posting messages of peace on the US Military’s
facebook pages:

Finally, I hear a local Brisbane comedian named Shayne Hunter is keen to
do a local event to promote the WikiLeaks Party. More news later, but
meanwhile you can check out his youtube videos:

Best wishes to all!

Gary Lord

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