Opposed to forced fluoridation ? – Please sign the Qld Parliament E-Petitions

If you are opposed to the forced fluoridation of Queensland public water supplies – please sign one, or preferably all three of these E- petitions – it is simple and takes only a few minutes.

Currently on the Queensland Parliament E-Petition Site there are three anti fluoride petitions – please click on the 3 links in the table below to access

This is an opportunity for you to send a message to Premier Newman and Queensland MPs. Your partners, family, friends and colleagues can have a say too.


1921-12 Repeal the 2008 Queensland mandatory fluoridation legislation
1914-12 Reverse the requirement that the Bundaberg Regional Council add fluoride to its potable water supply
1886-12 Ending the practice of fluoridation of Queensland’s water supplies

The petitions are open to anyone currently residing in Queensland. People younger than 18 years old can sign the Petitions too.

If anyone is physically incapable of signing the Petitions ( elderly, no access to the Internet, no email account ) with their permission, you can sign on their behalf, with their names and addresses but providing your email address.

Please note – that you MUST have their permission if you sign on someone’s behalf. If you share an email address with your spouse or partner, you can use the same email address for both of you.

Also note that you do not have to live in Bundaberg to sign the Petition that Bundaberg not be fluoridated. Bundaberg Council is fighting hard to not be fluoridated – it will cost that council a million dollars a year in maintenance costs.

Please also forward this email to supportive friends, relatives and colleagues. Even if people think that fluoridation is OK, most agree that people should have a choice.

In our own survey, we found that with people who gave their children fluoride tablets, the majority agree that fluoridation should not be forced on a population.

Many thanks for your assistance

Queenslanders For Safe Water , Air and Food Inc Mob 0418 777 112 in conjunction with Fluoride Action Network Australia Inc

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  1. Stop chemically dumbing Qld with cancer causing toxic waste . It’s made up of 150 to to 300 banned toxins .

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