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Your Rights At Work Seminar

Approximately 1 hours’ duration. Can be modified so as to be delivered to anywhere from 5 to 30 students.

The focus of the seminar is to allow participants to understand the importance of unionism and collective action in a way that is relevant to their every-day experiences.

One of the most successful ways I have been able to achieve this is by encouraging, as much as possible, students to share their own experiences and participate in broad discussions and develop ideas on the basis of this.

The historical reality of the dynamic between capital and labour is already there under all of our noses, the challenge is to provide students with the tools to interpret that reality in a way that is going to strengthen our movement and as a result the future of the species.

I’ve found that once you get them really talking and sharing their experiences there isn’t that much to do to connect the dots and present their ideas in a union friendly way. For this reason what follows is only a rough guide that should never be rigidly adhered to. Spontaneity is the key to maintaining their attention.

  1. I often like to break the ice by saying that If I could have my way all of the people facing me would grow up and have fulfilled and problem free life at work but that the reason I’m here is because I know that every single one of them will most likely experience exploitation, bullying, sexual harassment etc. at work.
  2. Begin once you’ve got their attention by asking who has a job or who is looking for work – go around the room and ask students to share their experiences and expectations of work. I usually start with an example of what I want them to do and recount a horror story of a nasty accident that happened to me while I was on the milk run when I was 15. This sets a good tone and makes the students feel more comfortable about sharing their own horror stories (and you can bet there will be lots of them). In the case of those who don’t have a job or aren’t looking, ask them what their ideal job would be and why. When they are answering this question write down the values behind the things they desire in an ideal job on the board, you can link these back to the benefits of unionism later on.
  3. Ask if anyone knows what a union is. If someone does get them to explain what they think. This can lead into good open questions to ask the class such as “so why do you think workers have historically tried to struggle collectively?” (or why do you think workers have seen the need to form unions?). Before moving onto the next activity give a brief and clear description of what Trade Unions are in Australia today.
  4. To get the students starting to think about the historically irreconcilable interests of capital and labour, invite the students to participate in an exercise that begins with drawing up two columns on the board – one marked ’employers’ and the other ’employees’. Ask students to firstly pretend that they are all employers and that they live in an idealised world in which, as employers, they can have anything they want from their employees at work. Write down the things they say in the relevant column (inevitably things like ‘no money, no breaks, no safety etc.’). Then ask them to switch and tell you what, as people beginning to enter the job market, they would ideally want from their job (inevitably things like ‘as much money as possible, respect, a safe environment, lots of breaks etc.). Explain that they have just told you that there seem to be irreconcilable differences between the expectations and desires of employers and those of employees. Ask them what they think they can do, as employees, to address these differences. Ask them what they have done in the past and what the outcomes were. Explain why collective action on behalf of the workers is necessary (perhaps with a historical twist), point out that the bosses have their own organisations and ask why you think they do, explain why bargaining alone very rarely works.
  5. Sometimes this is a convenient place to go into a more in-depth analysis of what a union is and the values underpinning it. You can tie in development of Australian democracy and the reasons why we enjoy the quality of life we do. This is also a good time to discuss the morality of ‘youth wages’ and the historical forces responsible for their genesis.
  6. Spend the latter part of the seminar telling them about things to look out for: trial shifts are illegal; you must get pay slips; why you shouldn’t work for cash in hand etc. Explain to them how to contact the fair work ombudsman and fair work australia (pointing out that this is a process that is always easier when you’re a union member). The retrieval of unpaid wages form on the FWA website is always a crowd pleaser. When you have them on a high note like that it’s a good time to distribute the info card.
  7. Always save 5 minutes at the end for questions. Leave them with some kind of rousing final thought. Examples that have gotten a good response for me have been comparing being underpaid with someone walking up to you, spitting in your face and taking $50 out of your wallet. Another good message is reinforcing the idea that we all have a sense of when someone is wronging us but often feel too timid to act on it, but that more often than not that sense is correct and is reliable sign that someone is doing something wrong. Tell them that you will hang around for 5 minutes after the class in case any of them want to talk to you individually.



Foco Nuevo in June

As winter sets in come and join in the warm atmosphere of Foco Nuevo, which this month features special guests Stockade, and Koji Matsunobu.

Stockade is a vibrant band from Brisbane, playing a unique blend of blues and folk, celtic and gospel, with hints of bluegrass and gypsy jazz, featuring the fabulous original songs of seasoned musicians Chuck and Chrissy Euston.

With roots in Brisbane, then spending over 25 years working and travelling throughout the country, Chuck and Chrissy share a great passion for Australia and its amazing landscape and history. Their lyrics often reflect its beauty, and our need to preserve its treasures. Their performances are vibrant, emotive and carry an unmistaken positive and uplifting undercurrent. [website]

Koji Matsunobu is a shakuhachi player and maker. He began studying Japanese music while majoring in piano. He has been dedicated to temple-based lineage of shakuhachi music and playing the honkyoku repertoire on the ji-nashi shakuhachi, a type of shakuhachi that is made with minimum artificial modification in order to maximize the character that the individual bamboo segment naturally bears. He harvests bamboo, fashions it into flutes, and performs/listens to nature. He uses the shakuhachi to illuminate the pre-modern musical, spiritual, ecological sensitivity in the modern realm.

Jumping Fences; the song-writing partnership of Lachlan Hurse and Sue Monk, play a unique mix of original and Latin American songs, bridging the gap between Australian and World music. Their songs, heard from Brisbane factories to concerts in Havana, have evocative lyrics with compelling vocals and rhythm to match. We’ll be playing with Ross Gwyther on sax and clarinet, Robbie Stewart on lead guitar and our percussion team; James Harper and Dan Simpson. [website]

Hope to see you there,

Lachlan and Sue

You have received this email because you have indicated that you are interested in receiving information about Jumping Fences gigs. If you believe that you have received it in error or wish to discontinue please reply to sender with ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject line.  STOCKADE KOJI MATSUNOBU


Friday June 3
8.00 p.m.

Kurilpa Hall
174 Boundary Street
West End

(Next to the West End Library. Go to Google Maps for directions)

$10 / $7 concession

Maggie’s delicious cakes, tea and coffee on sale.





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Unions fought for our rights

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Editor’s Note: This letter has been sent around by the Qld Council of Unions QCU as an example of an ideal defence of unionism. However the letter plays down the role of confrontation in winning disputes and building ”One for … Continue reading

Refugee VILLAWOOD – HRC report and Photos

Dear Friends

The Human Rights Commission has today released the report of its visit to the immigration detention facilities at Villawood.

Do have a look at the PHOTOS- they speak a thousand words.

If you can stomach it read DIAC response.


The report and other materials are available on the Commission’s website:

· the report is at

· the DIAC response is at

· photos of the detention facilities at Villawood are at


Vale Bob Gould

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Version in the Marxist Archive (Andy Blunden) In 1991 Bob Gould sold me his last copy of Ernie Lane’s Dawn to Dusk – Reminiscences of a Rebel. This was the one published by Clarrie Beckingham in 1939. Bob recommended that … Continue reading

‘Pay Equity: Are We There Yet? The Longest Road Trip Ever.’


Alex Macdonald Memorial Lecture 2011

Di Zetlin- Pay Equity: Are We There Yet? The Longest Road Trip Ever. Commemorating 100 years of International Womens Day

5.30pm for 6.00pm lecture, Thurs 26 May

Level 2 TLC Building, 16 Peel St, South Brisbane.

Darren Godwell

Campaign Organiser

Queensland Council of Unions

Phone 07 3010 2505

Mobile 0409 054 643



“No crocodile tears for the dead, bring the troops home now!”

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Editor’s Note: Please find below a press release from StandFast. To my surprise I opened the Australian to find that war monger and US ally Greg Sheridan, Foreign editor AUSTRALIA says that he is in favour of a withdrawal of … Continue reading

KIDS IN DETENTION STATS – Senate estimates

Please note 20 indonesian fisher kids aged between 13- 15 years held without charge – maybe until they are old enough to charge them with People Smuggling.


Senator Hanson-Young asked:
1) What ages are the children currently in detention?
2) What are their countries of origin?

Please refer to the table below:


0-5 6-9 10-12 13-15 16-17


OBAMA – The Emperor has no clothes, his wars have no end!

OBAMA – The Emperor has no clothes, his wars have no end!
by Ciaron – Dublin Catholic Worker 087 918 4552

OBAMA, he speaks like JESUS and kills like HEROD! It has been weird being in Dublin security city the past week. It reminds me a lot of
growing up in the police state of Queensland/Australia in the late ’70’s.

On Thursday, I was stopped and searched by police five times before noon and shaken down by the Special Branch 3 times over the two daze. My poster (photo of Giusepe Conlon…with the words “Remember Giuseppe Conlon and All Victims of Empire”) remains in police custody,confiscated by an Inspector under State Security legislation.
Photo – Giuseppe Poster…set it free!
The differences between Brisbane 77 and Dublin 11 is one of intensity and oppostion. In Brisbane you would be busted for expressing a dissident opinion, in Dublin last week they shut the city centre down, even to people who wanted to shop!

The clampdown in Brisbane in ’77-82 was initially in response to the anti-uranium mining/ nuclear power movement, there had been a similar state response to the anti-Vietnam war and anti- racist Springbok Rugby Tour ’68-’71 and of course any attempt by the aboriginal communuty to assert their hman rights (that last one’s a given anywhere/ any time in Australia). This is the context in which Julain (WikiLeaks) Assange’s mother, a Queenlsand Uni student, was actiive and into which Julian was born – very formative for all of us who went through it!

The Dublin population appears a lot more docile, the resistance smaller (there have been honoroble exceptions I’ve bumped in to on the streets), the artist scene a lot more timid in Dublin 11 than Brisbane 77.

At least in Briz we had “The Saints” with “Security City”
the “Go Betweens”, local anarcho from the West End Tony Kneipp with his cult classic “Pig City”;_ylt=A0geu8Rw4dhN5xEA…-mail
and the inidigenoeus voice of Kev Carmody, here with “Thou Shalt Not Steal”
Even Spike Milligan and “The Stranglers” swung by on days where
hundreds of us were rounded up and bashed. Spike wrote an Open Letter and The Stranglers came up with “Nuclear Device” from their stopover experience

Where are the dissident poets, artists and voices of Dublin? Is it the place or is it the times? Is it self
censorship down to concern over access to the U.S. markets or 800 years of colonisation dunno? Whrere are the anarchs and civil libertarians when it comes to this wholesale denial of free expression? Is everyone safely vacuumed packed on the net…doing virtual scocialising, sexuality and social networking. Is 3D, the streets now judged irrelevant? I dunno…I don’t even do facebook?

The first time I got busted in Briz at 17, Saints guitarist Ed Keuper and Grant McLennan of the Go Betweens were busted with us (418 of us rounded up! for attemtping to march against uranium exports)…ya didn’t have to do much to get busted i Briz in those years…..march, gather in 3 or more, hand out a leaflet, hold a placard bigger than 24 inches by 24 inches…some lefty protestant ministers got busted for singing hims for aboriginal land rights, the Salvation Army band and the Hare Khrtisnas also had run in s with the cops for doing there thang!

This is how it feels in Dublin today, ya won’t have to do much to get busted when the Emperor is in town. Wherever the U.S. emperor – white conservative or black liberal – should cast his shadow, you’re supposed to “tremble, oh tremble………………..” Wherever Emperors, the monarchy and military go, human freedoms evaporate.

Colm and I did a small vigil at the historic GPO (site of the 1916 Rising) on Friday against the ongoing use of Shannon Airport by the U.S. military, When we arrived there were ten Gards for the two of us and Special Branch came a calling.

The radio prattles on as I write about the lack of visible oppostion to the Royal Visit,…well maybe that’s because you turned your town into an occupied city! Dublin looked like a ghost town for many of those daze last week.

Radio says there was more reporting of protests about the Queen in the international press than in the irish media….well maybe that’s becuase you’ve got the most cowardly housebroken centralised media in the western world!…not to mention the role of the Stalinists in RTE who have an expertise in airbrushing and censorship and whose buddies from back in the day now head the Labour Party in coalition government with FG. Little investogatory journalism wouldn’t go astray…and maybe you’d solve a mystery or two? Save on the guesswork and speculation!

A lot of the resisters in Brisbane during that time were Irish diaspora…O’Gorman, O’Neill, Kelly, O’Reilly, Foley, Bailey, Dowling, MacLennan, Curley….. but then again so were the Special Branch headed by Les Hogan who also headed the “Holy Name Society”. So what gives with the
Irish in the 26 counties, dunno? We had a Radical Rosary Mystery Tour the other day…there were 3 folks from the 26 counties, 2 Catholics from the north, 2 protestants from the north, my bro and I from the Irish OZ diaspora and an English ex-SAS Iraq Vet. friend.
The YouTube link is

Here we have the head of the British state and Commander of Chief of U.S. forces that have dragged
“neutral” Ireland into two wars over the last ten years in town…and so little oppostion. The key states fueling these wars Saudi Arabia and Pakistan were created by the British Empire and armed by the U.S. empire. This “war without end” won’t end by itself or until you address those states and these empires.

What I have heard of the Irish media over these daze, reminds me of the Stalinist homogeny of Orwell’s 1984 radio…whether it is the “tits and ass” tabloids like “News of the World” or the
pseudo sophisticates of the Irish Times and RTE, they are all singing from the same subservient hymn sheet. …. celebrating the Queen and Obama with so much blood on their hands, “don’t mention the war/s” and demonising any voices raised in objection.

I’ve been in the streets as much as I could handing out this flyer
“Free Bradley Manning”, solidarity with Brad info side:
“Reward for the Apprehension of Jesus” (first published by IWW in WW1) side:
for Bradley Manning, a young man who has been tortured under Obama for the past year. Bradley is accused of releasing this footage
…of a U.S. helicopter gunship massacre of 2 unarmed Reuters journalists, 9 other unarmed Iraqis and when a family on ths school run stops to see if they can help the wounded or bury the dead…the order comes through to “light them up” killing the father and seriously wounding the children.

I heard no mention of Manning, whose grandfather came form Dublin, at the IAWM anti-war rally outside the GPO on Sunday! Go figure? You must assume that every member of the U.S. military considering non-cooperation is looking at how much solidarity Manning is getting from the peace movement before considering their options and presently Manning is not getting much form the Irish peace movement….even though he passed through shannon Airport on the way to Iraq and his grandfather was from Dublin!

I think it was Stalin who said, one person dying is a tragedy, a million a staistic. So it has been enlightenting meditating on Bradley Manning and his story. As i t would be meditating on any one Iraqi vistim, really meditating, really considering the suffering and our Irish complicity in it Bradley now 24, was living in Wales and only 14 when these wars began he had an anti-war postion. Back in the U.S. at 17, homeless and poor he joined the U.S. military in his late teens in the hope of being able to get a college education. Like most U.S. troops who invaded and occupied Iraq he passed through the small departure lounge of Shannon Airport in “neutral” Ireland. 4,000 of these young men and women have returned in body bags, 20,000 with injuries they will never recover from, tens of thousands with post traumatic stress and injuries they may recover from, hundreds of suicides and a million Iraqis dead. Bradley Manning may spend the rest of his life in military prison for telling us the truth about our war on the people of Iraq. he did this believing it would at least create a conversation that may lead to action to the end of the war. We need to be acting up and speaking out for Brad and the past present and future victims of the war machine.

The question for those of us with faith and without, for our communities and our our country is are we heading into or empire or out of empire?
The British did not conscript north or south in Ireland in WW1
The Catholic Church in Australia, under Irish leadership, defeated the governent twice in referendums on the question conscription (…not so in Aotearoa/ New Zealand! where the Irish Catholic community was a lot smaller component of the population). The Irish constitution embraced neutrality.
For decades (rightly or wrongly), Ireland was generally viewed as a peacful non-imperialist country, it was helpful to have that Irish passport as you past through war zones.

Ten years ago around the time the U.S. military were retreating from their massive bases in Saudi Arabia in response to the New York 911 attack – Shannon Airport became a major hub for the U.S. war machine. The Irish constitution and the Irish people were betrayed. This is now air brushed over as Emperor Obama arrives for his compulsory phot op (40 million U.S. citizens claim irish decent) in the run up to his election.

See you on the streets….this emperor has no clothes of credibilty. It only takes one to shout it!

Ciaron O’Reilly

“The poor tell us who we are,
The prophets tell us who we could be,
So we hide the poor,
And kill the prophets.”
Phil Berrigan


Concert : Towards Peace & Harmony

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“Towards Peace & Harmony” Special Concert Presented by the Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom and Members of the Eclectic Light Orchestra Brisbane Enjoy music from different cultures, styles and eras, be moved by real life stories and learn … Continue reading

Going off line for a month

Hello WBT Readers,

I am going off line for a month — so there will not be any new posts, articles or notices till July 2011. Feel free to make comments while I am gone on whatever you wish.

I hope to read books, go fishing and have a re-think about this website.

I’ll let you know what I come up with — unless I decide this internet thing is no longer the way to interact, sitting in a room alone for five years writing this website seems a poor substitute for organising (WBT started on 13 July 2006 when Israel started bombing Lebanon). I hope I do not come back to find Israel has decided to reject all offers for peace, as it has done for the past 60 years, and started another war with its neighbours and its citizens.

While I am gone, I hope the Marxist Education Conference comes up with something cos the Left can’t keep going the way it has.

In the meantime here is some recommended reading and viewing below. And, oh, if you need to contact me, my mob number is below.

In solidarity,
0407 687 016

Winter Reading & Viewing

Workers Bush Telegraph

See Palestine Unity & Freedom video


Multicultural Refugee Week Celebration Invitation

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QLD Multicultural Communities Cordially Invite You & Your Family to Multicultural Refugee Week Celebration (Fund Raising event for Sudanese & Karen Refugees in Countries) Beneficiaries: Sudanese Support Foundation (SSF) Logan Karen Community of QLD Special Guest Speaker: Mr. David Matas … Continue reading


Justice Rally for the Bellotti family at State Parliament.

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PHOTOGRAPHER LEO MURRAY URGENT PROTEST RALLY Rex Bellottti Jnr Is justice real in this country for our Aboriginal Youth!


UQ: BDS banner painting, Wednesday May 25

Solidarity with Palestine Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions campaign banner painting Uni of Queensland Wednesday May 25, 12-2pm near the lakes/bus stop Drop by to find out more about the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions campaign in solidarity with Palestine and help paint banners … Continue reading


Communist party organised in Tahrir Square, Cairo, on 1 May 2011

Democratic Labour Party – under construction 0.1 May 2011 Constitutional statement, why the Labour Party? [Translated from the arabic @ Iraqi Beacon We announce today the establishment of the Labour Party … a Party, which includes leaders of labor unions … Continue reading

Calls for Unity in Nablus

The Chant for Freedom in Nablus, Palestine
(Main Square – Nablus, Tuesday, around noon, 15 March 2011)

The Palestinian people called for unity in March 2011. Soon after their leaders met in Cairo and promised to end the split. Israel and the United States immediately set about breaking the unity. So far they have failed. The end of the split means a chance for freedom and social justice.

Khalil from Justice for Palestine in Brisbane returned to Palestine in Feb-Mar 2011 to visit his family in Nablus and to attend a Sabeel conference in Bethlehem. He took with him a video camera. Here is what he recorded at the unity demonstration on 15 March 2011 in the square in Nablus.

Nablus is a large Palestinian town of 126,000 people not that far from Al Quds (Jerusalem).

Continue reading

Marxist Education Conference: Brisbane, June 11-13

Revolution and Internationalism in the 21st Century

Marxist Education Conference

June 11-13, 2011
Ukrainian Hall, 70 Cordelia St

Organised by the Revolutionary Socialist Party & Direct Action
Phone: 3391 1903. Email:

Full agenda and registration details:


Blood Money — Hurley cleans up

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On 26 November 2004 in the lounge room of Snr Sgt Hurley’s police residence on Palm Island – before it was set alight by a police informant – lay a copy of Carters Criminal Code of Queensland. It had Hurley’s … Continue reading


Radical Rosary Mystery Tour *”NO QUEEN…but Mary Queen of Heaven, single mum, refugee, role model for a revolutionary!

DUBLIN M16 – Catholic Worker Radical Rosary Mystery Tour “NO QUEEN…but Mary Queen of Heaven, single mum, refugee, role model for a revolutionary!

BDS Political Party – the Arab Spring Blossoms in Australia

A Rave to Stimulate Ideas/Discussion/Action/Civil Disobedience

The Apartheid Wall is Israel’s master plan to divide and rule Palestinians. The Wall, however, outside Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, does not comprise concrete and electrified razor wire, but it nevertheless exists, it is real in its effects. Continue reading


Intervention Rollback Action Group

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“Solidarity” by Barbara Shaw Request for Support for Prescribed Area Peoples’ Alliance Gathering – Darwin June 1921st 2011 Hello, I’m Barbara Shaw and I live at Mt Nancy, Central Australia, one of the ‘prescribed areas’ under the NTER (Intervention). For … Continue reading


Dear all, Are you disappointed the Baillieu Government in Victoria is dropping the protocol to acknowledge country and paying respect to Elders in Victoria? If so, please support VACCHO by phoning 1900 956 435 and vote NO in the Herald … Continue reading


A Message from the Warlpiri People

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Editor’s Note: I wish to thank Arthur Bell for bringing this to my attention and to David Price for sending me the original letter in defence of Bess Price. Here is that letter. Yuendumu NT 16 April 2011 An open … Continue reading


The Return to Palestine project

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Editor’s Note – Israel and Western media are saying that the al Nakba marches into Palestine from the Golan is a Syrian government plot to distract attention from its own failed regime. Judge for yourself. The Return to Palestine project … Continue reading

The Paradigm Shift: Alter-narratives with Ciaron O’Reilly

The Paradigm Shift: Alter-narratives with Ciaron O’Reilly.

On our first voyage into the unexplored territory of these sporadic special feature shows entitled ‘Alter-narratives’, where we hear in depth stories from guests and people we’re inspired by – the Paradigm Shift crew was accompanied by life long peace activist and Christian anarchist Ciaron O’Reilly.

As well as recounting tales of protest, direct action and getting arrested with member of The Saints while standing up for the rights of others – Ciaron also shares some sobering insights into the dangers of the seemingly endless AFPAC war and what you can do to support those who are taking direct action to stop it.

Workers Solidarity Network confer Melb 20/21/22 May 2001


Don’t forget the first Workers Solidarity Network national conference is happening this weekend at Trades Hall!

The legacy of Union Solidarity, historical discussions of union and community cooperation, a discussion of our involvement in disputes, brainstorming the way forward…this conference has it all, and it will be culminating in a picket at San Churro on Brunswick Street in support of striking cafe workers who are demanding penalty rates!

The conference program is included below. Look forward to seeing you all there!


Tickets One day: $5/$10 Weekend: $15/$20
Email enquiries to wsn.melb or call 0431 445 978

Friday 20th May

6.30pm The history of Union Solidarity and the need for community action

Dave Kerin kicks off the conference with a discussion of the history and legacy of Union Solidarity, its successes, flaws and impact.

Saturday 21st May

9-12 Community and Industrial Cooperation

A historical look at community support in industrial campaigns and industrial support in community campaigns.

The BLF green bans and black bans – Davey Thomason

The MUA Patricks Dispute – Kevin Bracken

1-3pm WSN and past disputes

Reports back from and detailed discussions of WSN’s involvement in recent disputes

Kennon Auto dispute – Emma Kerin

Swift Australia dispute – Alex Sproule

Action Bus depot dispute (Canberra) – Louise Passant

3.30-6.30pm Democratic engagement and organising in unorganised industries

UNITE Brunswick Street Campaign – Anthony Main

Wave Hill, Indigenous rights, Northern Territory workers and union support – Tanya McConvell

8pm Drinks and Fundraiser

Sunday 22nd May

9am A Forum for Clarity

A forum to discuss and clarify WSN’s aims, goals, and role. How will we continue to agitate for industrial action and organise non-unionised sectors? Should we form a national network? What role will we play in future industrial disputes? Join this open discussion of ongoing questions concerning the network. Diana Beaumont and Liz Turner will facilitate this discussion.

2pm San Churro picket

In the spirit of direct action, come and support striking cafe workers at San Churro on Brunswick street. These UNITE members are demanding their penalty rates and back pay, and need our support!


Who is Wael Ghoneim? Egypt’s Facebook Revolution?

من هو وائل غنيم…حد يفهمني أي ه اللي بيحصل Tell me … Who is Wael Ghoneim? Is Wael Ghoneim, marketing manager for Google in the Middle East, a person who is patriotic and revolutionary, or is he someone moved by … Continue reading

Update on Kids Detention stats

As at 12 May 2011, the Minister has granted community detention placements to 759 people, including 368 children. Some are awaiting transfer to the community.

Some 79 of these people have been granted permanent Protection visas since being approved for community detention placements, and the rest are either living in the community or are awaiting transfer in coming days.

This does not tell us how many teenager unaccompanied minors are still in locked detention or how many kids with families are in same but perhaps this information will be available soon.

The overall children in all Detention figure is 1057. This now includes Community detention.


Al Nakba at Byron Bay

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