Going off line for a month

Hello WBT Readers,

I am going off line for a month — so there will not be any new posts, articles or notices till July 2011. Feel free to make comments while I am gone on whatever you wish.

I hope to read books, go fishing and have a re-think about this website.

I’ll let you know what I come up with — unless I decide this internet thing is no longer the way to interact, sitting in a room alone for five years writing this website seems a poor substitute for organising (WBT started on 13 July 2006 when Israel started bombing Lebanon). I hope I do not come back to find Israel has decided to reject all offers for peace, as it has done for the past 60 years, and started another war with its neighbours and its citizens.

While I am gone, I hope the Marxist Education Conference comes up with something cos the Left can’t keep going the way it has.

In the meantime here is some recommended reading and viewing below. And, oh, if you need to contact me, my mob number is below.

In solidarity,
0407 687 016

Winter Reading & Viewing

Workers Bush Telegraph

See Palestine Unity & Freedom video

3 thoughts on “Going off line for a month

  1. Gerry Georgatos says:

    Ian, Have a great break and good reads, and I hope you keep the website going as it has been great, and I know many WAers go to it, I’ve become a fan of it. Gerry.

  2. Gerry Georgatos says:

    Every website like this one is an imperative and pivotal contribution to social justice, and the dissemination is utterly necessary.

  3. have a good break, this is the only left site I check to learna bout the QLd left

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