Multicultural Refugee Week Celebration Invitation

QLD Multicultural Communities

Cordially Invite

You & Your Family


Multicultural Refugee Week Celebration

(Fund Raising event for Sudanese & Karen Refugees in Countries)


Sudanese Support Foundation (SSF)

Logan Karen Community of QLD

Special Guest Speaker:

Mr. David Matas

2010 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

Order of Canada

Multicultural Performances

Raffle Draws

Date: Sunday 19th June 2011

Time: 5:30pm to 6:30pm Dinner & Net working

6:30pm Event Starts

Venue: MacGregor Primary School Hall

(370 McCullough Street, Macgregor Q4109)

Cost: $15 (Dinner included)

Free Information Stalls Welcomed!

★ Donation, Payment & Cheques please deposit to: Bank of Queensland, Fiji Senior Citizens Satsang Association of Qld, BSB-124001, A/N 20279402

★Please email your payment details / receipt to: qmc.aus


Anthony Lin 0412745999

Dr. CT Bui 0414738093

Elsa Shuay 0411765144

James Kai Nien 0738481600

Janeth Deen 0435086796

John Deng 0421249366

John Yakuac 0431096949

Mano Krishnamohan 0431375926 (A/H)

Robert Mukombozi 0401795776

Sarblair Twayjaw 0421982653

Shan Ju Lin 0410567618 (Coordinator)

Surendra Prasad 0413004100

Umesh Chandra 0421388465

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