Communist party organised in Tahrir Square, Cairo, on 1 May 2011

Democratic Labour Party – under construction 0.1 May 2011
Constitutional statement, why the Labour Party?
[Translated from the arabic @ Iraqi Beacon

We announce today the establishment of the Labour Party … a Party, which includes leaders of labor unions from different places and their allies of the poor peasants, professionals, craftsmen and intellectuals .. and aspires reflect the interests of all wage earners.

We have delayed the establishment of a political party – this reflects the hopes of the Egyptian working class. We made ​​sure authoritarian governments to deprive the workers of Egypt to create a political platform reflects them and provide for their rights and regain productive employment status, and raise, like science and production, in order to prevent the tyranny of governments to unite the productive forces are prevented continuation of tyranny, corruption, dependency and exploitation.

We have fought Egypt’s workers battle through decades long past, and succeeded in winning many rights, but suffered the worst kinds of oppression to repress the trade unions, to take control of the beneficiaries affiliated with the wills of factories and companies and the security services, and issued laws restricting the establishment of the Labour Party, while domineering gangs of corrupt businessmen operated in the political arena, and the result was the deterioration of the situation of all producers – of workers, peasants, employees and professionals to the extent that made ​​them unable to obtain a living.

The revolution of January 25, 2011, which opened up prospects for a new dawn, it must be hope for the productive forces at the forefront of it, the understanding of stakeholders first and most careful to protect the gains of the democratic revolution, and complete the tasks of social, economic and national

As we announce the establishment of the Labour Party, we emphasize the number of basic principles of the party.

1. It reflects all the producers in society, workers, peasants, professionals, staff and students and all who believe in justice and citizenship and the restoration of national dignity in the face of Zionist-American project in the region.

2. Restore the looted companies and land with development departments and the people’s control performance.

3. Expand the public sector and by investing in strategic projects to be the locomotive of comprehensive community development and independent.

4. Consolidating democracy through the Constitution serves human rights, citizenship and freedom of expression, through a parliamentary republic, with the launch of freedom of political parties, trade unions, the media and the election of all leadership positions starting from the local administration (the election of mayors and mayors and governors) to all scientific institutions and service

5. Development of health services, education and housing away from the logic of profit, as a human community and paid from the energy of society and its ability to evolve

6. Raise the minimum wage to the level that would meet the basic needs of (at least 1500 pounds) with link to the level of prices

The Labour Party is best placed on the development of Egyptian society, to Ialaih down the production of the building on the knowledge and effort, and better able to confront tyranny and corruption and build a society in Egypt gets the individual to full rights under a real democracy, social justice and national pride and to uphold Egypt to its rightful place

Democratic Labour Party

The first of May 2011

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