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Dear supporters of the Palestinian People

The Boycott National Committee in Palestine has called on people around the world to stand in Solidarity with the Palestinian popular resistance and to Boycott Israel now!

Don’t forget tomorrows action.

Meeting in Brisbane Square at 11 AM to promote the BDS campaign in our city. Justice for Palestine activists have mapped the locations of Israeli goods in the Brisbane CBD and discovered a number of toys and games imported from Apartheid Israel in Mr Toys Toyworld. We have requested the store respect the boycott call and have received no response.

In solidarity with the children of Palestine and with respect to the many hundreds killed, injured and detained by Israel’s brutal, decades-old regime of occupation, settler colonialism and apartheid, we will be publicly calling on Mr Toys to respect the Palestinian boycott call. – Mr Toys Apartheid is a deadly game.
Please join us tomorrow 11am Brisbane Square. Facebook Event details here.

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4 thoughts on “BDS Action at Toyworld, Brisbane

  1. Toys in ... says:

    The toys made in Apartheid Israel shown in the video at Mr Toys Toyworld are: The Great Maestro Show Craft Kit , The Great Maestro Show 75 Magic Tricks and Rummikub

    Mr Toys, Toyworld also sell other Amav products at least on line.

    These include:
    Mould and Paint On The Move Craft Kit
    Easy Hammer Craft Kit
    Luminart Lion Craft Kit
    Luminart Peacock Craft Kit
    Fashion Time Glitter Rings Kit
    The Crown Jewels Craft Kit
    Original Glitter Domes Craft Kit
    Fashion Time Trendy Bubbles Craft Kit
    Fashion Time Tattoos And Tags Craft Kit
    Clay Monsters Craft Kit

    Boycott Israeli made products!
    Support BDS!

    Further info: Lemada Light Industries Ltd, fully owned by the Hertzano family, was founded in 1978. The original parent company was established in the early 50’s by the late Mr. Ephraim Hertzano – the originator of the authentic Rummikub game.

    Lemada Light Industries Ltd specializes in development and manufacture of educational games and board games. Rummikub – is known as the third most popular staple family game in the world. It is estimated that over 50 million Rummikub games are sold to date in 54 countries across 5 continents, printed in 26 languages.

    The game is distributed by some of the most prominent companies in the world such as: Scanditoy (Sweden), Crown & Andrews (Australia), Goliath (Benelux), Hasbro (China France, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, India, Singapore, Latin America), Jumbo (Germany), Mathiassen (Denmark), Piatnik (Austria, Hungary), Pressman (USA, Canada), Ravensburger (Switzerland, Italy), Tomy (UK) etc.

    The factory is based in Arad – 25 km from the Dead Sea in the Negev Desert, occupying 6,000 sq. meters, employing about 80 people, working in 3 shifts and producing over 3 million games a year, mostly for export.

    The manufacturing process is performed in-house including: injection molding, compression molding, set up boxes, flat board line, pad printing, silk screen printing, hot stamping printing, and assembly lines.

    The head office, including R&D, Graphic Dept. and Marketing Division, is located in Moshav Magshimim, near Ben Gurion International Airport.

    In the local market the products are sold under the Brand name “Kod Kod”- the leading and the oldest (55 years in business) game company in the country.” Kod Kod” has its own sales team and distribution scheme.

    Company Information
    Office Address:
    19 david navon str [Apartheid] Isreal.
    Postal Code: 56910
    Contact Person:
    Mrs. Alexandra Barth
    Position: Director

  2. France more repressive ... says:

    France now more repressive of boycott calls than Israel

    Contact the French embassy in Canberra to register your protest: or phone 02 6216 0100

    Recent court ruling adds to France’s repression of Palestine solidarity activism. (Flickr)

    Gareth W R Smith
    Palestine Liberation Centre
    Byron Bay
    NSW 2481
    Tel: (61)2-66807360
    MOB: 0491107279

    “Those who can make you believe in absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire

    George Orwell, ‘Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.’

    “The sleep of reason produces monsters.” Goya

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